Basketball and Tortillas, A Story of Privilege in San Diego

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Hello Dunk Community,

I read about this new community through @Celi130's article regarding The Tokyo Olympics.

It felt like a great time to share about a San Diego County, High School Basketball Story that I have been following.

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In San Diego County, you "win" County, when you win a title called CIF

This means that if you get a CIF Title you are the best team in the County, which is a much larger territory than just the City of San Diego, and carries much more prestige.

This year The CIF Title Was Fought Out by Escondido High School and Coronado High School

Community Members like me will translate this as: The Rich White Kids vs The Poor Brown Kids


Coronado is a Literal Island of Affluence off the shores of San Diego. Escondido is in the East County, where it gets hot and homes are worth a small percentage of the Coronado homes.

Well, this year the Rich White Kids won (surprise) but here is the gossip: After the Game they:

Threw Tortillas at the Mexican Kids!


They did.

For days after the incident I pored over twitter posts, and watched the story unfold in the news.

What basically happened was that some 40 year old idiot who used to go to Coronado High back in 1999 took a backpack full of tortillas to the game so they could "celebrate" after the win.

Apparently his old college used to celebrate that way. Throwing tortillas in the air.

He gave out the tortillas to the basketball players:

And the little idiots chucked them at the opposing team.

There is a lot to unfold in the story

But that is the jist of the chisme.

No surprise, even though Coronado won the title in the basketball court, they were stripped of said title.

Currently there are meeting with Coronado High Parents who are trying to get the title re-instated.

Thank you for letting me share a little about what is going on in my backyard.


It sounds pretty messed up, but I don't care for it. Rivalries between schools (especially at the university level) will always lead to pranks or crude jokes done against each other. It's foolish and dumb, but no one was actually hurt by any of this so it shouldn't really matter.

In my personal opinion, the team who won shouldn't have gotten their title stripped just because of a dumb joke that some perceived as "racist". I'm not Mexican (or Central American), but I am Latino, and I don't view the tortilla issue to be all that concerning. If they want to give out free tortilla's, I'm going to make a quesadilla or some food out of it. Being me, I tend to make light of a bad situation. All in all it was reckless and dumb, but I'm sure they've learned their lesson.

I used to think like you, a cross between turn the other cheek and show them up on the field.

But I’m tired of dealing with micro-aggressions and even more tired of seeing my youth “pranked” or just treated unkindly in general.

I live in California, we are supposed to be the Mecca of “everyone belongs” we need to get it right, we are the example.

This is an insane story. It is a shame that things like this have to cloud the impact of the sport and of life in our country as a whole. I am glad to see that action was taken on the matter and I hope that this event inspires a rivalry like none other and the Escondido team beats their ass next year. Thanks for sharing to our community!

A Rivalry like no other would actually be a great solution.

I hope Esco keeps it together.

Thank you for reading and commenting.

Welcome to our community !!! we look forward to more stories like this!

Thank you for the welcome!