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RE: A depressive phase in Beethoven's life // Eine depressive Phase in Beethovens Leben

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Dear Anna,
It is the end of the day, my favorite time to enjoy your work and comment on your articles. I followed the link to the Beethoven celebrations. Vienna certainly knows how to celebrate! So many activities. I hope the virus does not interfere once again with the schedule. Perhaps there will be a vaccine or treatment soon and we can all enjoy fuller lives.

The contrast between the life mask and the death mask is startling. I didn't realize people had life masks made, and then (just now) I read about Abraham Lincoln sitting for his life mask. Interesting. New to me. One good reason not to be famous :))

Fascinating how Beethoven was able to lift himself from the depression and become even more creative after he'd come to terms with his deafness. What a gift to all of us.

Be well, Anna. Enjoy the summer despite the limitations imposed by the virus.

Your friend, with full energy and Internet restored :)


Dear AG,
First of all, I'm very happy that you are back. I guess you have probably had some internet withdrawal symptoms ;)

As befits the 'Capital of Music', where Beethoven furthermore spent many years of his life, Vienna wanted to celebrate Beethoven's 250th birthday in a fitting manner. Instead of numerous live concerts and events, there are currently mainly digital exhibitions and offers. I hope that the postponed exhibition Beethoven moves in the Kunsthistorisches Museum can really take place from the end of September.

Life masks are extraordinary for me, too. Beethoven's mask was taken off in 1812. Most modern portraits of Beethoven are based on this mask. For Beethoven lovers, BTHVN 2020, the digital archive of Beethoven-Haus in Bonn, might be very interesting.

I wish you a pleasant start to the week. Stay healthy and keep your energy up.


Dear Anna

internet withdrawal symptoms ;)
😄 Yes!!

Thank you for the wonderful links, Anna. And thank you for standing by while I was out of touch.🌷

Be well,

Your energetic friend,