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Can you guess which unique and special ingredient is the common element in the most delicious foods you've ever tasted; whether it's a snack, a starter, a main course, or a dessert?

I recently made a Vegetable Biriyani and as I said in that post, I've tasted some really good pucker Biriyanis in my lifetime.
However, when a friend dropped off her homemade Chicken Biriyani with a Cucumber Yogurt Salad yesterday, both hubby and I could not stop oohing and aahing when we had it for supper last night. There was something very different and really delicious about this particular dish.


She wanted to make it extra special and not as fiery hot as they're used to, so changed her recipe ever so slightly.
But this was just too good for a slight change, and I suddenly had a light bulb moment - that special ingredient of course is love!

So what does Biriyani have to do with sandwiches?


The sandwiches I enjoy the most are those made with leftovers - Sunday Roasts become Chicken Mayo Sandwiches, or Roast Beef with Horseradish, cream cheese, and lettuce makes a really mean sarmie, as some call the good old standby.

A simple salad sandwich can be equally delicious if there's no cold meat or cheese. Piled high with lettuce, thinly sliced onions, tomato slices, raw mushrooms, cucumber, bell peppers, and a creamy salad dressing, often turns into a sky-high sandwich.

Back to leftovers, another sandwich that I simply love, is leftover curry sandwiches.

Biriyani Sandwich

There wasn't enough Biriyani left over for two servings, and as it was so full of flavour, I thought why not make it stretch by using it as a sandwich filling?


Of course, good homemade bread is a must for a good sandwich!


I had to chuckle when I saw the two slices on the plate, they are shaped just like feet, what do you say?


I would never have considered Biriyani as a sandwich filling, as the main ingredient of course is rice, but this one was loaded with chicken, and packed with that special Love flavour, and so the Chicken Biriyani Sandwich was born, a real treat served with the Cucumber Yogurt salad.



Oh my word, my open sandwiches are now starting to look like a pair of shoes, or is it just me and my vivid imagination seeing that?


I'm so glad that we finally have a sandwich community here on Hive, started by my good friend @mondoshawan, and I hope to see many more sandwich creations here, something we all make time and time again, as this is a faithful old standby! Take a peek at the introductory post Homage to something in between two slices of bread, and you'll see that it need not just be traditional sandwiches either!

Bon Appetit Friends!

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Yummy. It see delicious.

Ha, i soooo love you Lizzie... thanks a lot for all the support you give me since our Sandwiteer times started.

BTW your yummy slices look like sandals, the ones to walk the heavens of deliciousness. 😁

 4 months ago (edited) 

I agree, sandals is a more apt description😅 Looking forward to meeting a new generation of Sandwiteers making beautiful, crazy and ordinary sandwiches here on Hive!

You know I loved the Sandwich Community!!! I am so excited that it was brought back! Thank you @mondoshawan!! ❤️

I have to say, they looked like feet, until they looked like shoes! Hehe. No doubt about it! When I scrolled through and saw this, an immediate response... a feast for my senses, I remember it well! You had long ago opened my mind to the tastes of Biriyani. Before long, I was all about many different things Indian.

Yes, please!

A sandwich? Really? Why not, I say! If I can eat it, it can most likely go in a sandwich. The closest I came to that was with some Naan bread. I really love this idea and call it nuts, but, I put rice on my tacos sometimes and it works, why not a sandwich? Again! I am excited about the Sandwich comeback! Woo-hoo! I may not be very creative, but, I love reading all about them!



When those slices of bread stepped onto the plate, I knew they were feet 😅 It really caught my imagination, I saw soles, then sandals and finally shoes.😂 All unintentional, must have been the angle I sliced the bread.
I know what you mean, I'd never have thought of rice on tacos either but this deliciously spicy biryiani on Naan bread would have been just perfect!
I'm sure your sandwiches are delicious @dswigle, I've seen your amazing food, so no excuses now 😉
Thank you for stopping by dear Denise!

That is hilarious! I think it is both the angle and the shape of the bread! Oh, heck, no lying. They just look like feet. Then sandals, then shoes.

Then I dutifully ate it all up!

I kid you not, the rice on the tacos is good! The Naan bread and biryani are delish too, but, I honestly would want your bread. My food is never amazing, but, I thank you for saying it. :)) I will see what I can do, but, MarketFriday is Friday too... all the fun ones are Friday. I know! Scheduling works! XO

Thank you for helping bring it back to life.

Your feet sandwiches look deeeeeelicious and they make me laugh at the same time.😅😋

LOL The feet/sandals were purely accidental, it really gave me such a good chuckle! I'm sure you make the most amazing sandwiches, hope to see you join here @carolynstahl 😉

Oh ! Sandwiches ! I do so love a good sandwich. Having great bread is a real bonus.

This looks delish, although I have to admit I don't know what Biriyani is. ha... I will have to google it after I comment. Before the comment, I did subscribe to the community though. I look forward to seeing what kinds of sandwiches other people like to make.

Your rolls did look like shoe soles for sure.

 4 months ago (edited) 

Haha, that was my first thought when they sat there on the plate, all barefooted 😅
I'm sure you often make a sandwich Jacey, c'mon, share it with us. I even made keto lettuce wraps for the old Steemit Sandwich Contest before the big bad wolf came, thank goodness Hive came to the rescue! It was a lovely surprise seeing @mondoshawan starting a sandwich community, we used to have such fun. Do check out his post! @fionasfavourites wrote the first post in this community sharing her divine burgers and sourdough bread with chorizo. Hope to see you posting here, I'd love to see your artistic sandwich creations!
PS You can read about Biriyani in my previous post, I think I shared the link here.
Have a great weekend further @jacey.boldart 🤗

Oh these look awesome! My mouth is watering for the Biriyani and the yogurt sauce. On a sandwich as well, that is awesome! This reminded me of the leftover mince curry my mother always put on our sandwiches for school.

Also, what an awesome community! I love sandwiches and I need to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @fermentedphil, how could I forget those curry mince & even leftover cottage pie sandwiches!
I would looove to see your sarmies with the amazing breads you make, can't wait to see that😉

Thank you so much! I really need to up my sarmie game as I made them long time ago! But they are always so awesome to me as they feel like mini art projects.

Oh and jaffels! They are my dad’s absolute favourite!

I wish I still had a jaffle iron, those were so popular back in the day not so, immediately takes me back to my childhood days😉

They were right! I still have two and every now and then me and my Dad gets random cravings for them so we make a bunch. I am sure some second hand shops still have some nice ones?

OMG, that looks and sounds delicious! This looks similar to one of the dishes one of our local Mediterranean restaurant makes.

The finished product does kind of have the shape of a Birkenstock footbed. : )

 3 months ago (edited) 

Haha I've never seen one of those😄
I don't know how my bread slices turned into a foot shape!
Fun with bread I'm having, and it does have a slight sourdough flavour, but I still want to make a loaf of pucker sourdough bread like yours!
I'd love to see one of your sandwiches Eric 😋

I remember that second loaf of sourdough I baked was completely hollow in the middle. I should have stuffed it with a meat and cheese filling! Lol. The sourdough makes a great sandwich. I've been doing Racheals lately, like a Rueben only with turkey. The rosemary in the bread goes well with the sauerkraut.

Haha that would have made a mighty sandwich with a ton of filling indeed! But look at your bread now!

They do look like shoes!! Ha! That's too funny! I need your bread recipe. It looks delicious! The sandwich looks tasty too! I'm sure you enjoyed it!

 4 months ago (edited) 

Haha I had such a laugh when these 2 slices of bread turned into shoes as they stepped onto the plate 😅
I'd love to see the sarmies you make in Panama @apanamamama, how about it?

The only sandwiches I make are PBJ for my kids for lunch (pretty much every day). Ha! I'm not too terribly creative in that area.

You could tell a nice little story around making school sandwiches for the kids😉

I have never heard about Biriyani and do not know what it is (must Google for it 😊) but your funny shaped sandwiches look yummy. Let me add that your posts are always interesting to read !LUV

Thanks @olgavita, it's lovely seeing you again! If you enjoy spicy food it will be worthwhile checking how to make it. I did make a veg biryiani recently, the link to that is in this post if you'd like to see what all goes in😉
Enjoy your Wednesday 🌹

Leftovers on toast are the best. Sometimes with a bit of onion and cheese, grilled...

That's another favourite, I always leave it under the grill till the edges are slightly burnt, yum!

Yay! 🤗
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That looks delicious, Lizzie. And I love making sandwiches with leftovers too. It's something I picked up from my dad, who loved to do that. There wasn't a roast or stew that didn't end up between two good slices of bread.😋🤗

Thanks Eli, so now it's your turn to share a sandwich or 2 here, I'd love to see that. Sandwiches made with leftovers seem to be popular all over the world!

Hi, Lizzie! I already took my turn ;) hehe
Have a happy week :)

Aha, I'm hopping over there before the clock strikes midnight😅


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I think these are biriyani slippers 😁

🤣🤣🤣 an accidental invention, edible slippers 😛

hehe they certainly are 🤣🤣🤣