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Our state just opened back up the ability for landscaping companies to do their thing I think, so I should be able to get outside more in the coming weeks and get some of my mulch spread. I think a lot of things could be open if we actually practiced social distancing, but many people don't understand that. The idea of personal space is foreign to so many people when there isn't a pandemic. I had to yell at a guy in the butcher shop who practically came over and stood on top of me.


Social distance is impossible to force. If you force people at every turn to observe their distance from each other, to constantly make sure that they don't step on each other's toes, you have a bunch of nervous, cautious, tense and deeply annoyed people who will sooner or later scream at each other.

Could it be that what you experienced, the man found an opportunity to show his frustration at the butcher's? We humans constantly show our frustration to each other when it gets too much for us. Who else should we show it to, if it is the public we inevitably have to go to in order to shop? How can you even be meant personally?

I happened to have ignored other peoples spaces. That just happens. But can you say that space ignoring is the rule and respecting it the exception? I would say we are usually all very well behaving without pandemic. Corresponding with the inherent cultural distances we learned.

No, especially where I live people are so self absorbed that they have no idea what is going on around them. If it is outside their personal sphere they are oblivious to it. If that means they walk over you to get where they are going so be it. I understand what you are saying, but I've lived in or near this town my whole life and it is just the way people are.

I too do understand what you mean. Just make , if it's important to you - mental numbers how often one bumps into you during daily normal life and how often that does not happen. When street life gets normal again.

I think, what you may refer to is that people tend to be thinking a lot, while moving through public. That makes them into creatures which carry their brain to the next destination, very self absorbed. Happened quite a lot to me, too :) Under normal circumstances it's not such a big deal. And when I am mentally stable and relaxed.

Have a good day:)