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Hey you guys, this is my introduction to 3peak and I will also share with you how I manage to sign in into 3peak as we recently have some changes.
At the end of the video, I share how it easily to connect from 3Speck to Hive.

Well, this is my #introduceyourself video and hopefully I can bring you some knowledge and interesting information as I join 3Speak Community.

I create travel, food and promote healthy living videos.
I love to share some information to everyone and hopefully you do the same to me and to all others out there who needs support.

Thank you again #3speak for having this Platform and thank you #hive for being into the blockchain.

And I also like to join other community, if you can please invite me to which community I should be joining, I am very much appreciated.

With love always @elvielins

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Thank you❤️ Thank you William

Welcome lady enjoy your fly in this places.

Thank you and to you too.😉

Thank you everyone for your support. Keep safe please. Cheer up hope soon we can see the world..