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This was the callout: by @theycallmedan

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Manni on 'When Corona Ends'

or maybe not...

Here are 3 Things that I really missed out:

1. Cinema: James Bond - No time to die
If I would have to guess, I’d guess this might be the worst bond ever created. Telling by the Trailer and all the controversy surrounding it, chances are very high that the movie just suxx. Overblown with gender talk, characters falling totally out of their role and a plot drive like a straightjacket. Disregarding these things, it might just end up being a James Bond movie – maybe. I want to find out myself!

3. Hairdresser, get my Haircut done
*It doesn't look that bad at the moment, but it really is. Besides that, I just like to be at hair salons. The air smells good the small talk is easy and the I get some attention. All of these things are very appealing. Going over to someone washing my hair, looking at me for some time and gets stuff fixed. Yes, it is a really easy time. On Top of that, I get to look fresh and clean afterward. Sounds great to me :p

2. See some random places and meet new people
So, this is what I do sometimes, I just go and meet new people. Very old school and not to recommend for everyone in 2020, I can be very awkward.
I go to the next metropolitan area, vary depending on where I have to start from on that day. I consider everything in Foot or 10€ Taxi range as a potential target and start hitting Google and TripAdvisor recommendations. Small live gigs / events, random Exhibition and tiny Bars in collage areas are like my favorite spots. I don’t force myself upon people, I just go with the flow and see where it ends. Sometimes I end up meeting none and sometimes I talk to people for hours before exchanging names. Things just happen and I get the chance to reflect on myself a lot.




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