Video process of eye painting

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I haven't recorded any of my art process since i bought the new tablet, because my pc keeps lagging if i put too much pressure on it.
But now i found a new software which seems to be working fine even when running a screen recording software.

This was a just a test video of that.
May be, from now on i will be able to record my art process again.

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This is really nice

thanks. i was in the middle of my second painting when i posted this. just finished the second one, and i think that went well, too

he masummim. go to advanced brush settings on photoshop and turn of smoothing. tell me if it worked for you.


or if you really need to use smoothing drop it down to 25%<


hope that helps

i didn't mean that smooth. sorry for my bad english. with photoshop and screen recording software my pc starts lagging, the brushes don't work properly. its my hardware problem.....

Cool work,

Ummm.... This is a post from 16 days ago, but thanks, i guess.....