Merch By Amazon is Closed | What to do now?

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I'm just finding out of the Merch By Amazon US Print Center shut down today. Here is the statement:

To help prioritize delivery of high priority items to customers, we are temporarily closing our US print centers. As a result, Merch products on will become temporarily unavailable starting today. Merch products on and currently remain available for sale. Product creation and editing are paused, but royalties will continue to be paid on schedule. If you are advertising Merch products, please visit Amazon Advertising to update your ad campaigns. Thank you for your patience and for being part of the Merch community. We will update the dashboard as new information becomes available.

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I'm a 30 year veteran in reselling and have collected a great amount of knowledge on collectibles and video games. I've sold on Ebay since 1995 and yahoo auctions before that. I just got into selling on Amazon FBA and Merch by Amazon in 2015. I've learned a lot about marketing with Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.

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I create weekly videos on stuff I find at Garage Sales, Thrift Shop, Flea Markets and Second hand stores. Also weekly videos on specific niches in the subject of collectibles, the series is called "Know Your Stuff" where I dive super deep into collectibles like Hot Wheels, Star Wars, Vintage Nintendo Games and stuff like that.

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