Coffee w/ K #1

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I make my debut on 3speak with a "fireside chat" from my porch. I always hated the term "fireside chat" because there's never any fire, but I think that's the most appropriate name for this format.

Over morning coffee from my porch in Shanghai, I discuss what else but the overarching topic of our times, the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Where is China at at this point?
  • What does the next 6-8 months look like in the United States?
  • How will the stock market react?
  • What should you do as an individual in reaction to this crisis?

In general, I hope to make these, in the style of @taskmaster4450, short and often. If you like these and have any burning questions you'd like me to answer, please leave a comment below! I promise to upvote it with my 7,000+ HP and consider your question for a video in the future!

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Love it, keep it up @shanghaipreneur!

Thanks for the encouragement!

good one

Thanks. I dunno how much I like videos yet. But it's a good excuse to learn Final Cut Pro!