Oh you know a wedding singer that can do this song like this? Awesome! Let me know her name, i hope she isnt too expensive, i can use her for my wedding.

deep range of high vocals to carry it to the depths of it's emotional range

What you wrote here is nonsense.

Well I could have said lounge singer. Still better than belting the top forties at the local taverns but hey I have to admit I couldn't even make it that far so your one up me.

What you wrote here is nonsense.

You need to critique hitting the high vocals of the song, then add the emotional charge Whitney puts into while doing it. Please do keep posting your musical talent I am sure there are many songs out there where you nail it perfectly.

By your own admition you failed as a musician and that somehow gives you the authority to insult someone else and tell them what they can and cannot do?

See, unlike you she actually did make it as a musician. She's a concert master violinist with 20 years experience so every note in this song, I'm sure, was correct.

Next time, as a failed musician, when you think it's a good idea to tell someone what they can do or achieve, simply DON'T, instead take the other route and shut the fuck up.


A master violinist does not make one a Whitney Houston. If one can't take the critique's then obviously they are in the wrong field. She failed to hit the high notes with the same precision, sorry but the truth is visible.