Birthday Greetings - @brittandjosie

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A special birthday greeting goes out to


A portion of this post's rewards will be shared as a birthday present!

Britt is one of the most dynamic people on the blockchain! She came to Hive/Steem in January of 2018 and has worked very hard since then as a tireless blogger, a valued community member, an excellent community leader, and as part of a witness team. She is one of the three founding members of @theterminal and has been indispensable as an Admin there and everyone loves her! She is also a Gold Member of the PowerHouseCreatives community, and is also involved with SteemitMamas, TheRamble, HiveDiscord, PALnet, and many other communities.

Besides her online life, she is married with children & pets under her care. She enjoys flowers, cooking, art, photography, shopping, taking walks, visiting & feeding the horses on her neighbor's farm, and many other interests that help to fuel her blogging — there is never a dull moment in her blog! She is immensely proud of her country, The Netherlands, as well as her real-life community.

We are definitely blessed to have this wonderful lady in our midst!
We love you, Britt! 💖

Check out one of her recent posts:

👉 Hive at 5 :MILKTAP , the milk tap, on my #wednesdaywalk

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Ohhhhhh how sweet you guys I love it ! And this blog makes it even more special. It’s a sunny day and I even get to see my parents today , covid style from a distance but I love it. I am gonna enjoy today thabk you so much, blog to you soon

Congratulations Britt make it a great day! 😃

Have a !BEER 😃

Ik heb een super dag gehad en nou nog Moederdag heerlijk

Hey @brittandjosie, here is a little bit of BEER from @hans001 for you. Enjoy it!

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Happy birthday (a bit late) @brittandjosie!

I still remember that you were one of the 1st people to welcome me to this blockchain!

Thank you for that!

I hope that you had a wonderful birthday (with lots of cake! Just make sure you make time to burn those calories afterward! 😉)!

Hello there , I had to see the profile and look back but how great that you are on hive too! I still great for @heyhaveyamet and the discord we own the terminal just to help out. Maybe you want an invite. It’s in the blog☝️ And it’s also a place where people help eachothera account to grow. Have a great Sunday and thanks for remembering

Sure! I'll check out the Terminal @brittandjosie! I'll click over there and take a look. Are you planning to move completely over to Hive or do you have plans to double your efforts on both platforms?

We help people on the blockchain both platforms cause we have knowledge about steemit and hive , help doesn’t have a name it’s just doing it 😉

🎊 Happy birthday!!! @brittandjosie 🎊

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Love you so very much and hope it has been an amazing day.

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