Photography using a macro lens: Little butterfly


©2021 ORIGINAL PHOTO By @adi.pisces

Hi friends, of course in good shape, today I am posting a little about a little butterfly that I found today. And I want to show you some of the photos I have taken with the cell phone that I have, I took some photos of this butterfly in the forest.

today I found this little butterfly in the forest, perched on a wild flower, this type of butterfly is always among the grass, and when he is looking for food, this butterfly will look for wild flowers in the forest. , the food of this little butterfly is the honey that is in the flowers.

This type of small butterfly is widely available in the forest, there are several beautiful colors, in general, this little butterfly is blue, I happened to find this butterfly is brown, it looks like this butterfly is very tame, but in reality it is not like I thought, this type of butterfly is very wild.

This is a little review that I can explain about the butterfly I found today in the forest, here are some photos that I have taken and want to show, I hope my friends all like it and feel entertained.


©2021 ORIGINAL PHOTO By @adi.pisces


©2021 ORIGINAL PHOTO By @adi.pisces


©2021 ORIGINAL PHOTO By @adi.pisces


©2021 ORIGINAL PHOTO By @adi.pisces


©2021 ORIGINAL PHOTO By @adi.pisces


©2021 ORIGINAL PHOTO By @adi.pisces


©2021 ORIGINAL PHOTO By @adi.pisces

Photo TakenSmartphone
LocationNorth Aceh - Indonesia


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