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RE: A Little Jewel Visited Me Today

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Beautiful pictures, I love those macrophotography shots! I think that you have a great eye in the photography and I hope to see you growing up with your work in here!

You can also post your work in the Photography Lovers community if you love to make more general pictures like portraits or other kind of photos that doesn't fit with the other communities.

Let's keep growing up!

Who is @ilaz.aliento?

@ilaz.aliento is a project created as an extension of the @aliento project with the support of @theycallmedan!

If you want more information about it, we invite you to read our introductory post by clicking here.


Thanks @ilaz.aliento for the support.
I read your post earlier and commented on it too.
Thanks @theycallmedan for your support as well. I appreciate this very much.
I will be posting on the photography lovers community ASAP. I have already subscribed to it.
Thanks a ton.