The only insect that produces food - the bee

Dear lovers of various insects, bees have been producing honey for 150 million years and are the only insect that produces food that people eat, a perfect natural product.


Bees do not live alone in nature, they have their own family without which they cannot survive for a long time. Many traits elevate bees above all other creatures in this world. Not much needs to be said about their architectural ability. They make honeycombs perfectly and lay honey without a mistake in pitch darkness and a huge crowd.


In order for bees to live and feed, they use food - nectar and pollen from the flowers of plants. Collecting nectar and pollen, bees perform one important work for plants, pollination. In that way, bees and plants complement each other in their life together.


from the point of view of the world, the life of a man is complicated, narrow or even difficult, unlike these tiny beings whose life is divided into work and discipline.



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Very nice, however, the last two pics don't show bees but hoverflies which are mimiking wasps and bees.
You can learn more about the differences between bees and hoverflies here.