Dragonflies, Butterflies and a Spider

Here are a few insect finds on my walk through the forest today.
First we have a female Widow Skimmer posing nicely on an old blade of grass. The males have a blue abdomen rather than the brown/yellow one shown here.
I though this might have been the male version of the Widow Skimmer but his wing patterns were different. This is actually a Common Whitetail Skimmer. These guys are pretty large and sit nicely for photos.
Here are a couple Pearl Crescent butterflies mating. At first I only saw the one on top then realized there was another beneath lol.
The white portion of the underside of the wing helps identify these as Pearl Crescent butterflies. There are a few similar species of butterflies that can be confused with these guys but the white underside of the wing helps differentiate these from others.
I believe this is a White Spring Moth. I tried to get a look under the wings for color but it flew off.
In the dark forest a nice beam of sunlight was hitting this spiny orbweaver's web.
There is almost a heart shape in the middle of the web. This little gal was busy setting up her web and already caught a small fly in the upper right corner.
I wish I had my macro lens with me but it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway as I didn't bring a tripod. Also this web was fairly high up in the trees. These little spiny orbweavers are pretty common around here so I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities for macro shots. Their abdomen has an interesting triangular spiky shape to it with black lines all over it.


What an impressive brown dragonfly! thanks for the photo!

The heart-shaped spider web is awesome. 🕷 Nice captures of the dragonfly and butterflies.🦋

Thanks, one of these days I need to get the strange shape of the spider in macro form. It was pretty industrious making its web. I'm glad I didn't accidentally ruin it while looking for mushrooms lol.

Regards! I was shocked with that wonderful world explored among the vegetation. Excellent catches at the right moments. The spider web had never seen her in this optimal way. It has been a pleasure to share the experience.

Thanks, the spider was definitely the best surprise of the day.

According to you, those photographs captured the smallest details ever seen. It has been a pleasure

Amazing photos !

Love the way the sun is dancing on the web in the first spider photo, causing the iridescent colors on some of the threads.

It was a nice surprise to find in the dark forest. I hope it catches many mosquitoes in its net.

Beautiful photos of these small creatures. Got to protect their habitat!

The mosquitos seem to protect their habitat pretty well against the humans lol.

Smart little mosquitoes! Need to have more lizards and geckos to eat these mosquitoes!!

Fortunately the dragonflies help eating them as well.

But they have very short life span! You’ll need lots of them!

Definitely they hardly put a dent into the mosquito population. Even the tree swallows can't eat enough of them.

Some really fantastic nature shots!
Have a Great Eve.!

I need to start wearing a backpack with more lenses in it for on the spot macro shots.

You seem to come across some interesting things, often!
Have a Great Sunday!

Fortunately I found a bunch of chantrelles yesterday too. I'll save it for a mushroommonday post.

That's what I mean...
You get around!

I would have loved to see that spider up close. I liked their nest. And dragonflies are beautiful.
What a nice ride you had! Regards.

I did not like. It has forms as threatening.
Thanks for showing it to me.

Yeah it's spikey. But they are too tiny to cause any harm. They also come in different shapes and colors like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macracantha_arcuata#/media/File:Macracantha_arcuata_-Curved_Spiny_Spider(8550192839)_by_Rushen.jpg

It has a nice color, but I don't know how it does with so many decorations.
I like your images more than wikipedia.

Yeah they look like they would get tangled up in their own web with so many spikes like that. Somehow they manage.