A Little Jewel Visited Me Today


I was so excited to see this little bug Calliphara Excellens just as I entered my garden this evening. He was sitting on my allspice plant enjoying the last rays of the sun.


I have seen this bug before but I could get any photographs at that time. I knew I had to grab whatever I could get and used my phone for this purpose. I Googled him up and learned that these bugs are known as the Jewel bugs. They belong to the Scutelleridae family.

The metallic green color makes this bug look like real jewel. The green looks almost gold when it catches the sun. The black polka dots make these bugs looks even more attractive. I have seen his red cousin around in the garden more often. However, I need to mention that the red polka dotted cousin isn't half as fascinating as this green bug.


Calliphara Excellens or Jewel bug feeds on plant juices and it is said to be common in India and Nepal. I have no clue what damage these bugs can do to my garden, but I did enjoy watching the bug for a few minutes before he flew away.

I knew I had to share him with the other insect lovers on Hive.

Images used here were photographed by me.


Aww it's a jewel indeed, so beautiful and new to me. I haven't seen it before but I love its looks too.

And it kinda looks harmless to me also, don't think it will have any damage on your garden or maybe it will 🤷‍♀️

All the same, your photography skill is superb ma'am 👍

Thank you @merit.ahama, what I read tells me that these bugs are harmful, but they live on trees. Since my rooftop garden doesn't have trees these may not find a home here.
Thank you for your words of appreciation.
Have a lovely day!

It is absolutely gorgeous
That's a good shot on the fly

@kaerpediem thank you.
I was so fascinated by this bug.
It's so much fun watching these creatures in my garden and taking pictures of them.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Beautiful pictures, I love those macrophotography shots! I think that you have a great eye in the photography and I hope to see you growing up with your work in here!

You can also post your work in the Photography Lovers community if you love to make more general pictures like portraits or other kind of photos that doesn't fit with the other communities.

Let's keep growing up!

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Thanks @ilaz.aliento for the support.
I read your post earlier and commented on it too.
Thanks @theycallmedan for your support as well. I appreciate this very much.
I will be posting on the photography lovers community ASAP. I have already subscribed to it.
Thanks a ton.

This is a queen bug. Peacock colored bug. Concerning harm to your garden, bugs give no injuries except that they suck juices from plants' nectar.
I like how you take note of each occupant of your garden with keen interest. That's one of the characters of the eagle. Keep them coming ma.

Hmm.. never heard of the name queen bug before. These common names are different in different places.
When insects suck the sap out of plants they do become weak, I don't see these bugs too often, so I don't worry about them.
Beside I do a weekly preventive organic insecticide spray for my plants.
That should be good I guess.
Thanks for stopping by.