Macro Photography : The uniqueness of the insect Scolia dubia

Hello all friends, good night, hopefully healthy always and continue to be able to share the best work here, on this very happy night I want to share about this unique insect, has a very distinctive color, as follows.

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

Well friends, this insect is dubbed the name of the insect Scolia dubia, it has a beautiful color and a unique body, the color it has on its body is a shiny bluish black and on the head has a bright red and shiny color.

The insect is usually also referred to as the blue wasp, as it has a bluish black color, it also has two horns (antennae) on its head as well as wasps in general.

And the horn is red too, in the eyes of this insect it has a shiny black color, how do you think this insect is really unique.

This insect is very rare to find, I found it yesterday, this is the first time I found this insect in the forest near my village.

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

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That's all I can give, if there are words and my writing is wrong, I apologize profusely and I thank you very much.

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That's incredible, sn wonderful shots! Congratulations!