Fascinating Insects || Nuance of shooting


This kind of situation becomes a guide for us to look for something special in a rural environment. Those who live around the countryside find a lot of cyclical objects in the scenery that are noisy with the chirping sounds of birds.

Amata huebneri is a series of the sweetest insects in the environment, they are very adaptable to us, are also tame animals. When I go to a place in the countryside, with the aim of tracing the traces of insect life in their nature habitat, they are found in many tropical areas right in the countryside adjacent to residential areas.

I have knowledge from someone who is experienced about insects @faltermann and @borjan is a professional about small animals in nature environment, they have high experience with natural species.

I have a beautiful object standing on my thumb, she is a cute Amata huebneri insect, I have put together a pretty close up of them in this weekly collection.






Hi tinta-tertuang,

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I love bugs. Cute.

Thanks friend.

Insects are so unique and colorful. This one in particular looks like a talented artists designed him, one of a kind.

Indeed, they looked like handsome tiger fur, even more attractive. :)