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And yet again we have a word that can have so many applications

I am going to relate a story that has a couple of applications – This story had been related to me by my Brothers at various points of time in my life as well as being corroborated by my Mother. Sometimes I never knew if what my Brothers were telling me was actual reality or not. They could have been making things up for all I know, or didn’t.

I grew up in a very large family of uncles and aunts, cousins etc, My great grandparents are of Gypsy stock, so most of the people in my family are very hardy, jovial and robust people, this I did know from my own investigations. One of my Mothers Brothers was in the Navy during the Second World War and survived to tell the tale, not only did he survive, he also maintained his jovial nature and very rarely sank into a depression that sometimes overcomes many who have experienced horrors that no one should ever experience. Anyway, apparently I needed to swim, and I was of the generation where all sorts of wonderful things happened and no one jumped up and down and said, wrap him in cotton wool, that’s political correctness abuse, call the authorities, I digress again. Anyway, I needed to swim, well my uncle ne day just picked me up and threw me into the pool, He will Sink first, he said but then he will thrash abut so much he will pop to the surface, and pop to the surface I did, then thrashed my way to the edge of the pool, only to be pushed in again (Oh Shock Horror,

I hear some of you saying under your breath, well get over it, I used to sit in the back of utes as well, and I got up to far more mischievous things as a child than many children today could imagine

Another Anyway: My Uncle was not a cruel man he was a pragmatist, he knew that if I got into trouble he would immediately jump in and raise me above his head, most probably saying, wanna try again, but he would have pulled me out of that water as quick as you can if I really got in trouble.

I did learn to swim, yes I did sink a few times but I did learn to swim. I am not the most proficient swimmer but can hold my own, and that is ok, I had and never have any aspiration to become a professional swimmer. Now this did not make me a person that did likewise to my own children, in fact when I became an Adult I realised very quickly that we are responsible for who we are and how we treat others and how we act around others and realised very quickly that regardless of our childhood past we are the ones that make the decisions for who we are.

Now that may be because in reality I Lost all connection with my childhood after my Motorcycle accident, which at times did sink me into a depression, but then I also realised that it is not what we have been but what we are, and that yes, even though our past is what allowed us to be now, it is the now and the tomorrow that matters the most.

Having relayed this story of Sink or Swim, swimming is by far the most natural response, when thrown into the water we want to swim, when we are thrown into a depression we want to be well, and when we fill up the Kitchen sink with dirty dishes they just want to be washed.

No matter what state you may be in, what experiences that you have, if you want to move forwards and see tomorrow then you must swim.


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