SPORTS Staking details - 9th May to 15th May.

Good morning to everyone . Couple of weeks @uyobong ( ) started a campaign in which he asked people to post the Tx ID of staking SPORTS and he would reward them with wealthy upvotes ..

This is a win -win for both stakers as well as community since it reduces liquid supply .

He had mentioned in his previous post that it would be easier if he could see the top 25 stakers and vote them instead of users posting Tx ID .

So I just retrieved the data for the past week -


  1. This contains staking SPORTS data from 9th May to 15th May ( Sunday to Saturday )
  2. Sports rewards are paid in 50% liquid and 50% staked ( this is not counted here ) . Only those SPORTS which you have staked or somebody has staked to your account is counted .

Data related to SPORTS staking

How many times did people stake in the past week ?

  • 528 times ( last week = 952 )

Number of times SPORTS was staked.png

How many unique users staked SPORTS ?

  • 199 users ( last week = 235 users)

Number of unique users who staked SPORTS.png

Total SPORTS staked during this period

  • 8802167.194 SPORTS ( last week = 30518065.88 SPORTS )

Total SPORTS staked .png

Mean SPORTS staked at once

  • 16670.771 SPORTS ( last week = 32056.791 SPORTS )

Average SPORTS staked at once.png

Top 25 stakers


Amount vs. Account(1).png

So @uyobong here is the data you needed.

You can just click on the username , go to their account and upvote :)

Also guys don't forget to take part in SPORTS Daily discussion post posted by @amr008.sports everyday. We have lot of people discussing various sports matches over there . Just click on the user account to see latest post .

You get a chance to earn 200 SPORTS and 1 Hive too just by engaging

If you find any mistakes , let me know , I will fix it :)


Good to see myself in this chart.
I am chasing 1 million tokens and hopping to achieve my target soon.
Almost all the numbers are les this week 😔
People are busy with other stuff?

Congratulations for staking SPORTS over the week. Sure, you'll hit your target with consistency.

Thanks MR 👍

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It is beautiful to see that this stat is growing on daily basis. Thanks for staying focused on this assignment. I'm back to engage the community and things would go juicy for SPORTS token again.

I think something should be prepared for the Olympics, which will be a busy time.

Thanks, MR for grabbing me on this list! I definitely need to be more consistent with both my baseball and Actifit posts, too, and try to grow my staking pool more.