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Congratulations to all winer it been a while that am here but no issues right just to go on small rest
Now I'm back again with my prediction

Great to have you back man here again. Important to take rest and sabbatical after the stress we undergo in our everyday life
Good you had here in mind though. Looking forward to your predictions

Nice comeback though @trostnandia.pob

Thanks for the token Boss @amr008

Guess what guys Ronaldo set for the No.7 jersey and Cavani to wear No.21 due to Daniel James departure, Guys what do you think?

Nice one with Portuguese talisman Cristiano Ronaldo getting his iconic jersey number. Great understanding from the Uruguayan International Edison Cavani agreeing to give him the number 7 jersey. Guess all is now set. Now Waiting on the goat to make his second debut appearance after the international break on September 11th against Newcastle at the Old Trafford. Would sure be a great day

I'm so grateful for the rewards.

Congratulations to everyone on the list , you guys did well enough too

Thanks for the participation tokens as always. The international football matches should help keep the comments high

Totally missed out on yesterday show. Great to have the opportunity to visit here again today. Yesterday must have been future seeing the participation of yesterday. Congratulations to you all who kept here active.

Totally missed out on yesterday show. Great to have the opportunity to visit here again today. Yesterday must have been future seeing the participation of yesterday. Congratulations to you all who kept here active.

Thanks for the tip. It's highly appreciated.

World Cup Qualification

Moldova vs Austria

Away win

As expected Austria wins this one 0-2 with a goal at the end of each half.
After 4 matches, Denmark is easily in the lead of this group with 4 wins. And behind, Israel and Austria with 7 points.

I bet on the victory of Austria.

Nice prediction in the worldsports for today keep it up you're doing great here man
Good job done

A very good one for them and hope to see how they are going to perform today and am with you on this too, giving it to Moldova to win too

World Cup Qualification

France vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

Home & over 2.5

Great one here too man I so love this prediction the world of spots you're really making sense man good job

Perfect prediction.. 👍👍

France should win the match with ease.

France wins but I don't know if by 3 goals difference, it seems a lot to me.

Definitely and let me say that france too is coming out victorious in that game too

That's a nice one

As often recently, France didn't play well. After Dzeko scored for Bosnia, France managed to quickly tie the game with a Griezmann goal. But with Koundé's red card early in second half, and just their usual lack of inspiration, they weren't able to do better than this 1-1 draw. I wish Bosnia could have scored a second one.
Anyways, France is still first in their group though with 8 points after 4 matches

Unfortunately the french team couldn't get the job done at their home turf at the Stade de la Meinau. Another sad one in the game was Kylian Mbappe suffering an injury to the calf. I hope it is just a minor one. 1-1 it ended has both team get to share the spoils from the game

World Cup Qualification

Norway vs Netherlands

Home win

Netherlands will easily defeat Norway....

You think so? Norway is way ahead of Netherlands. But let's watch what the outcome will be.

You really think so..

I think the Netherlands have the edge here. Many good players in their team

Holland win this match.

A Little bit not sharing your thought on this and for me ,am giving it to Netherland here

It seems there were different opinions on who was going to win this one. But in the end, nobody did, it's a 1-1 draw. So, after 4 matches, it's a very close group, with Turkey in the lead with 8 points, and 3 teams (Netherlands, Montenegro and Norway) just behind with 7 points.

And they dutch team couldn't pick up all points has they struggled to get a draw after Erling Haaland opener for his side in the first half. Davy Klaassen goal in the 37th minutes ensured they didn't lose out totally. Hope to see them perform much better in their next international game.

Good morning fam...

It's a new month let's discuss sports

Is anyone following the Paralympic Games?

I haven't been following it too close but the other day I watched a soccer match of visually impaired people and I thought it was just amazing! It's impressive how well they can play

And Brazil seems to be a lot better in the Paralympic Games than in the Olympic games. Talking to a friend who is a sports journalist, he told me that could be because the Paralympic Games are much more recent than the Olympic games, the difference of investment that countries do in sports still hasn't really kick in.

I haven't really watched it before, I Think It will be so interesting...

I only saw a few highlights, and I also thought these athletes were just amazing. I should really spend more time trying to catch some of the events. But just like the Olympics before, the time difference does not make it easy.




who's gonna win?

What's the final score?

In the end, Senegal won 2-0 against Togo. But I didn't see the match, I have no idea if they dominated the game or not.
Tomorrow in the same group is Namibia against Congo.

Senegal will always win.
The games for today and tomorrow are very predictable



Denmark wins

Denmark is cruising in that group with 4 wins in 4 matches. Today, it was 2-0 against Scotland with two very quick goals in first half. Their good performance at the Euro cup wasn't just a fluke, they are a good team.

Definitely am also on this too, Demark to come out victorious in this contest and which will can just have Eriksen back on filed of play very soon

Great result for the Danish boys has they picked up a vital win with a 2-0 win at the Parken stadium. Interesting to see them still play much better after the European championship tournament run.


Portugal- republic of Ireland

Portugal wins

Definitely and I don't know mayb Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing too and hope to see him set a new international men football goal record very soon

Portugal won with a crazy end of the game. After missing a penalty in the beginning, Ronaldo scored a couple goals right at the end of the match and stoppage time, to bring Portugal ahead with a 2-1 win.
Portugal is leading this group with 10 points, but Serbia can come back if they win against Luxembourg this Saturday.
That double also allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to break Ali Daei's record of goals scored with a national team, he's now got 111, and still counting of course.


Moldova - Austria

Austria wins

Give it to them too,am seeing them coming out victorious in this too

Thanks for the reward

Thanks for the giveaway boss mate you are doing well