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Very ugly spectacle in Nice tonight during Nice-Marseille match in Ligue 1. With about 15 minutes left to play, Nice was up 1-0 when Dimitri Payet received a bottle in the back from the fans. He got upset and sent it back and everything went to hell after that. Nice supporters stormed the field, and fights broke out everywhere. Police had to intervene and the match was stopped. One hour later, the referee tried to resume the match but Marseille players didn't feel safe and didn't want to come back on the field. So, the match was definitely stopped and forfeited. I'm sure there will be investigation and lots of talk about this night.
Up until this, the match wasn't too bad though.

That seem like a really bad one with bottles flying. Hope this things don't become a norm in the french League. Will be great to see the football authorities stay untop things like this and issue bans to unscrupulous elements who intend to make some league matches a mess.

The matches between Marseille and Nice can be kind of special, as they are kinda close geographically and there's always been a big rivalry between the two clubs for some reasons.
It's too bad though, after a year without fans in the stand, they finally get to attend the matches, and they start acting stupid!

The matches between Marseille and Nice can be kind of special, as they are kinda close geographically and there's always been a big rivalry between the two clubs for some reasons.

Guess that explains why all the fracas in the matches. Now this some unhealthy rivalry if things could go to such an extent.

It's too bad though, after a year without fans in the stand, they finally get to attend the matches, and they start acting stupid!

So bad from both club supporters. Thought they should be more composed after a while in the stands. Guess such kind of fans never learn

Wow, interesting to know and thanks for sharing

Oh that seems like a huge mess. I am hoping it won't become a regular thing in matches.

Yeah, I'm not sure but I don't think it's really the first time Nice Ultras go way too far. They released a statement today condemning throwing objects on Marseille players, but it's too little, too late. Hopefully, some of them are identified and at least get banned from attending any other games.

I just read that one person was taken into police custody. He allegedly hit one of Marseille players. Not a good idea these days to do something that stupid. With all the cameras and cell phones, there has to be so much evidence.

At least, watching part of this match between Nice and Marseille, I discovered that Justin Kluivert, the son of Patrick Kluivert, one of my favorite players back in the days, was now playing for Nice, on loan from AS Roma. I'll have to check out Nice games more often.

In other Ligue 1 matches, Montpellier and Rennes got their first win this season against Lorient and Nantes. Lyon still unable to win, with newly promoted Clermont getting the draw 3-3 during stoppage time. Other newly promoted Angers also getting a tie 1-1 at Bordeaux.
So, PSG already in first place with 9 points, with both promoted teams Angers and Clermont just behind with 7 points. Too early in the season to really mean anything, but it's funny to see these 2 teams so high up, and without a loss after three matches. Let's see how it goes next week.

PSG are on fire. Nice to see this nice come back from them

PSG is an obvious favorite and I would be surprised to not see them up top. I don't know much about the other teams though.

For sure, but I thought that our only chance to see PSG not at the top was early in the season, but apparently that's not happening. If they get too many points ahead so quickly, that might be a boring season. Well, other teams will just fight for the second spot.

My surprise is about the Southampton versus Manchester United match. After winning Leeds City 5:1 a precious weekend, one had expected that the Red Devils will come blazing again, looks like they met a brick wall in Southampton.

Looks like it though drawing the game against Southampton is unexpected no one predict that will happen but it ended that way we can't change that anyway.

Wasn't really surprised has I even made a comment about it in the previous chat post of yesterday. The continued their inconsistent performance. The outcome against also happens to been a usual they faced off Manchester United squarely. Ole Gunnar solksjaer and his boys will have to more consistent if they intend to do much in this season.

Thanks for the rewards I really appreciate and remain blessed.

English Premier League

West Ham vs Leicester city

*Away to win

This would be a really tough. Would be on the fence on this one. I believe the goal option of over 1.5, under 3.5 or away team win or draw seem like quite a decent one.

Nice prediction, well I guess with away wins with 2 goals to nil.

For Leister I guess it's gonna be cool

My bet is on the victory of Leicester city.

Yeah what a nice prediction Leicester should win the game Because they team To get the victory over west ham which I believe it will be very interesting match

I will go with Leicester city

Wow, I just saw Leicester got punished 4-1 by West Ham. They managed to reduce West Ham lead to 2-1 with about 20 minutes left to play, but then West Ham scored two quick goals in the last 10 minutes. Part of the reason: Perez got a red card before the end of first half. So Leicester had to play the entire second half one man down. Probably why they completely crashed at the end.

Cool prediction mate.. over 1.5goals is certain and GG both team to score.

Italy Serie A

Sampdoria vs AC Milan

Away to win

AC Milan did win the match 0-1 with an early goal from Brahim Diaz. Missed the match but it seems Sampdoria didn't play bad, Milan was just better, particularly in first half.

Nice one away wins with 2 goals.

Surely the victory will be AC Milan although it may be a draw.

I believe AC Milan should win this game because there last match against their opponent and they are finding a way to meet up with the top four in the Italian league I love this prediction is very nice

And they actually did win. Congratulations to them on their first league win. Hope they grind out the wins in their subsequent games no matter how difficult it might be

Didn't expect anything short has the rossoneri managed to pick their first win after a scrappy encounter against sampdoria. Diaz appears to be the difference has his goal ensured they pick the vital three points.

Cool prediction... under 3.5 goals and over 1.5 goals is certain. Away to win either half of the game.

Turkey Super Lig

Trabzonspor vs Sivasspor

*Home to win

Great prediction has the home side managed to come out victorious against rivals after 2-1 scoreline. Result put them second at the league table with goal difference seperating them and current topper Alkay

Sure and GG both team to score

It was a nice weekend as most EPL matches were played with unexpected results, I was disappointed with Manchester United style of play yesterday and lack of seriousness which resulted in a draw match. Oh Chelsea, yeah they did absolutely well with Lukaku having a comeback goal, nice for the blues

The EPL was actually cool though Manchester united draw with Southampton and I did even expect much from them though but they play well, however Chelsea trashed Arsenal with 2 goals to nil and Arsenal would have conceived more than 2 goals in that game yesterday, considering they are home but they were beaten by Chelsea.

The Manchester United side appears begin their inconsistent performance after heading to a draw against Southampton. They could have even lost that had it been Mason greenwood didn't save their blushes. Saturday's performance was a sharp contrast to what was seen in their first league game performance against Leeds United.

The Chelsea side on the other hand continues to impress has they delivered the goods yet again after dispatch London derby rivals Arsenal in 0-2 win at the Emirates. Glad to see the return and performance of Romelu Lukaku. Great start he had at his second stint at the blues.

As for today's EPL match between
West ham Vs Leicester, it's definitely gonna be a good match to watch out for, my prediction is 1:2, in favour of Leicester.

Well you're right about that but I don't think I will be watching the game though due to some reason my prediction is 0:2, Leicester wins.

Well the match appeared to have gone the other way round has the leciester side suffered a humiliating defeat after been down to ten men. Guess the recklessness by ayoze cost them the game has they had to play against eleven for the major part of the game. I must give Kudos to the westham side for capitalizing on the errors of the foxes

Also taught the foxes will manage a draw atleast but it was unfortunate they suffered a first half red card to Perez ayoze which altered their performance and caused to be heavily hammered by the Hammers :-) 4-1 I believe the game ended. Not a result they would have been expecting. Hope they pick their head up high in their subsequent games.

It feels good to be back here again, I've missed a lot in this contest lately but I'm fully back now...what's happening bin the world of sports the season have started and new signing are showing off.

Yesterday was Chelsea vs Arsenal and we saw what happened Lukaku proved himself worthy to be in Chelsea, he ended up scoring 1 goal in his first game which is very very important and encouraging in his career in Chelsea.

Been a long you've been here. Guess you went for the summer holidays or something similar. A lot of other people seem to have been away guess it's that part of the year when the time we all have is for family and all. Welcome back man. Great to have you join us here.

The Belgian international really marked his return to the Stamford bridge with a goal. Nice to see his second debut come against local rivals Arsenal Football Club. Was quite impressed with his performance even he could have increased his tally to more than one after some failed chances. Still remains a great start. Hope to see him do much more better has the season progresses.

Thanks for the giveaway boss mate you are doing well keep up the good works.