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New offer from Real Madrid to Paris Saint Germain to recruit Kylian Mbappé. They increased the amount to 180 millions euros, including various bonuses! While PSG declined the first one immediately, it seems this time they are ready to discuss and negotiations may even have started according to various reports. With only 5 days left before the transfer window closes, will we see another huge transfer this season?

That's a huge amount from Real Madrid. There are really showing how desperate they need the young French international Kyllian mbappe. Would certainly love to see to see at the Santiago club somedays. With few days left in the summer transfer window, it is yet to be seen what eventually happens. Would be great if they pick up at the end of the day.

Yeah, as talented as Mbappe is, I am not sure he is really worth that huge amount. I know transfer prices have become crazier these last few years, but damn, 180 millions! I guess he's young, and they could build their future team around him, but again, that doesn't sound reasonable to me. Let's see what happens in the next few days.

Yeah truth be told that amount is damn expensive but it's just about how the transfer prices have gone higher. I believe it could be if not for the pandemic that seem to have reduced transfer prices a bit. Indeed the club intend to build for the club. They need a prolific forward to continue from Cristiano Ronaldo, they probably see the Young France international has the right man. It is just what it is. I believe he could do much if he arrives at the Club.

Shakhtar Donetsk 1 Vs Monaco 3
With Fernando opening the scoring sheet of the match for shakhtar Donetsk.

What a disappointment, during overtime, Shakhtar Donetsk tied the match to 2-2 and that means they qualified for the Champions League, and Monaco will have to play the Europa League only. When they were up 2 goals, I really thought Monaco had done it. That sucks! They're stuck in their bad start of this new season.

My bet is the opposite, I think Shakhtar Donetsk will win.

Friend you have a nice prediction here but let me tell you one thing the way Monaco is playing there game is even better you carry the game over two goals because Monaco shakhtar Donetsk will score as well but the strong team win the game

Monaco started well with a goal about 20 minutes into the game. Goal from Ben Yedder, good for him as he had a difficult start of the season so far. Shakhtar Donetsk won the first leg 1-0, so anything can happen now.

And Ben Yedder got a second goal before half time. That is very good for the striker and for Monaco of course. The second half will probably be a tough one, I doubt the Ukrainians will give up easily

Donetsk scored at the 74th minute. At 1-2, Monaco is still qualified but there's at least 5 minutes left in the game. They have to hold on to that score!

Oh no I was wrong, I thought that because Monaco scored two away goals (against only one for Donetsk), they would qualify, but apparently that doesn't work like that anymore. It's over time now. The team less tired will probably win. Or it will go till the penalty shoot-outs where anything can happen

One thing I was certain would occur in this match is that both team get themselves on the scoresheet. An exciting match it was at the Stadion Metalist stadium. Monaco did well at 90 minutes has they leveled up in terms of aggregate but an extra own goal in the 113th minutes by Ruben Aguilar sent them parking. 2-2 draw it ended after extra time of action. Congratulations to Shakhtar Donetsk for making it into the Uefa champion league group games

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We move on to today's matches.

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I don't think there is some interesting matches across EPL, Seria A. but it will be tough one in the European champions League qualification so I'll be giving my prediction.

The league games happen to be on weekends. Guess we will have to wait for that. The European playoffs happen to also be a good one can follow till the weekend arrives. Looking forward to seeing your predictions

No not that way my boss, there a lot of upcoming actions that might interest you this weekend; in the likes of Liverpool vs Chelsea. But the Champions league it will definetly be amn interesting one.

Good morning fam, @amr008.sports thanks for the token...

Today's match on England EFL CUP..


what do you guys have to say....?

What i have to Say on this game West Brom have a strong team than Arsenal because tactical game is different from physical game which Arsenal are playing tactical game and west brim are playing physical game as well so in this case I can tip the game over two goals

Wow I love there game plan this night, I did expect them to play the way they did but I'm happy they won the match assuming they draw the game it would have been another thing for them.

I think the winner will be Arsenal.

I just wish so too, they are known as loosers already..
They should just try and take the thorn off their head...

What do you mean by that tag loosers well understand you but don't tag them like that the league is still kicking of you never can tell what tomorrow have to offer. Arsenal is benr for surprises hopefully more winnings are coming there way.

Yes mate you're right with that Arsenal won the game and they did it perfectly fine and clean sheet.

Well today's game goes in favour of Arsenal. They won against West Brom. Surprised to see Arsenal scoring 6 goals against West Brom.
I don't know how they did it but I'm really proud of them.

Yea it was really unexpected. Now if only they could do so more often rather than under-performing in so many matches.

Couldn't follow up on this match but I always the London club Arsenal would find a way to win at this local cup match. Amazing victory it was has they sent home side West bromich Albion 0-6 at The Hawthorns stadium. Great to see them pick up a win after two consecutive losses in the start of their new season. Hopefully they continue with this form when they travel to Etihad Stadium on Saturday where they face defending League champions Manchester City at home

England EFL CUP

Newport vs Southampton

Under 3.5

It may be a tie today.

Unfortunately this result couldn't hold has the away team ran riot at the Rodney Parade stadium by defeating home side nil to eight 0-8. While I expected Southampton to win this match, I didn't foresee the scoreline. I guess no one did. Congratulations to them for making it through. The Southampton side should also be a team to look out for in the new season after their great start to the new league campaign. I hope the continue on with this stellar form all through the season

Cool prediction and no goal goal is okay ... anybody to win.

Champions League Qualification

Broendby IF vs FC Salzburg

Away Wins

It finished at 1-2, same as last week. FC Salzburg is qualified and will play in the Champions League, and Bröndby IF will drop to the Europa League.

I bet on FC Salzburg as the winner of this match.

I think FC Salzburg will win this time 👍

Salzburg up 2 goals after 10 minutes. With their 2-1 win last week for the first leg, they should be fine and qualify for the Champions League

Awesome prediction. Came through has predicted. Had no doubt the Austrian club would make it through after their great first leg win. 1-2 it ended at Broendby Stadion. Great job well securing for Fc Salzburg has they made it a second win in the away turf. Congratulations to making into the next phase of the tournament.

Egypt Premier League

Misr El-Maqasa vs Pyramids FC

Away wins

Great prediction from you yet again as the outcome was the right one with the away side coming out victorious. 0-5 it was at the Fayoum Stadium. Nice getting a clean sheet at an away home ground. Speaks much of them.

Someone should please help me beg bayern, 8-0 Just 72mins🤣🤣🤣🤣

Final score 12-0, that's just mean. Why didn't they let more young players play, to make it a little bit more fair? Against a fifth division club, there was no risk whatsoever.

Yea 12-0 seems mean. I think they could of swapped some old players for younger players after getting to 6-0.

That was one hell of a whooping has the Bavarians dismantled the home team bremer at their home turf at the Weserstadion. When I thought the goals would end at the eight, Bayern Munich went ahead to add four more goals in the space of the remaining eighteen minutes. , Astounding 0-12 win it was at the end of full time.


, 👏👏👏👏👏👏

0-6! That might get them going offensively, finally. And Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, with a hat trick, showed he can still score. Well at least when the defense isn't too good.

Hahaha when defense isn't too good lol I get that but Arsenal played well today and got there winning. Hopefully there team spirit is back but let's wait and see what there performance will be in there next game.

I think their consistency in their performance is the biggest issue.

Yeah, that was really just a joke. Aubameyang is actually a player I like. His career took off years ago when he was playing for the club I support in France, Saint-Etienne. Since then, wherever he went to play, he remained one of the players I liked.

They have scored all the goals they should have scored for three weeks today... I hope they have some for weekend

I am surprised that Arsenal did so well today. But then again it tends to be one or two good games and the rest of the mediocre.

Well played From the arsenal club. Wouldn't cheer them much though as they only faced a English championship side. It was a great result however at the full time. Hope the new discover form helps them has they continue league action against the citizens Club on Saturday. Great one heading into their next game.

In the other Champions League qualifications match, Sheriff Tiraspol was playing at Dynamo Zagreb. It was quite uneventful with a final 0-0 score. With their 3-0 win last week for the first leg, Sheriff Tiraspol is qualified for the Champions League and Dynamo Zagreb will go the Europa League. That's quite a performance from this 'small' Moldovan club.

Excited to see the Moldovan club make history by making it through to their first appearance in the UEFA Champions league. Great one from them has they held on last night to a stalemate. Their fans must be really proud of them

I am sure their fans are thrilled to be able to see teams like Inter Milan and Real Madrid. That might not happen again anytime soon, this is really historic for them.

Yeah it would really exciting for the play against those elite clubs even we are know they will most likely not make it from that kind of group. Really historic for them and their supporters to have made it to this stage.

After the Champions League qualifications yesterday, we had the Europa Conference league qualifications today. After winning 2-0 last week in the first leg, Rennes confirmed today in Rosenborg with a solid 1-3 win. They access the group stage while Rosenborg is out.

Just happen to be hearing about the Europa conference league, I believe it is a different to tournament from UEFA champions league and the Europa league or are they the same thing. Great win the French side Rennes for seeking qualification into the group games

At first, I thought it was just the full name for Europa League but it is indeed different. It's a new competition under the Champions League and Europa League. I am not sure exactly who gets to play there. I just know that some teams eliminated from the Europa League qualifiers drop to this one. Possibly national League cup winners also I believe. I'll have to check the details. Anyways, just a third tier European competition.

Oh. Cool. Sounds like a third tier tournament from the European competition. It is really a nice from UEFA introducing this. Guess we will have of interesting sports fixtures this time around and there will games week. Yet to be seen which day of the week they will be played has UEFA champions league occupies Tuesday and Wednesday while Europa are played on Thursday. Would be nice to see how all this is combined and managed.

Matches for this new competition will also be played on Thursdays. I don't know, I think it gets to be a bit too much. Some teams now ranked 6th or 7th in their domestic leagues will be able to play in this tournament. If it keeps going this way, soon, all European teams will have to play their domestic league on week ends, and some kind of european competition mid-week, then their league cup, domestic national cup, etc... Big teams can afford plenty of players for lots of games, but not the mid-range teams I think.

Matches for this new competition will also be played on Thursdays. I don't know, I think it gets to be a bit too much. Some teams now ranked 6th or 7th in their domestic leagues will be able to play in this tournament

Meaning it will be sharing same dates with the Europa league. I feel it is too much too has we will be having lots of fixtures to follow. As expected the other club below the Europa spot. Only make sense that it should be that. It think so too has mid week league games will have to have be shifted. The football management will have to find a way to balance the calendar has other clubs happen to play in local cups tournaments too.

Big teams can afford plenty of players for lots of games, but not the mid-range teams I think.

Yeah, the bigger teams seem to have depth. This will somehow affect other clubs in their performance in the league. I guess they will have to place priority to the most important games

Anybody checked the UEFA Champions League group stage draw? Some pretty big matchups: Chelsea and Juventus, Bayern Munich with Barcelona, Real Madrid with Inter Milan, AC Milan with Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, and of course Paris Saint Germain with Manchester City. If Ronaldo does join Manchester City, we could get one more Messi-Ronaldo duel! Plenty of other great matches of course, that's just the really big ones I think.
That should be an interesting tournament this year once again.

Yeah happen the see the draws for the group games yesterday. I believe they are all exciting ones. The group where Atletico Madrid, Liverpool & AC Milan appears to be the toughest group in the tournament. I believe we have about 15 champions league title from that group alone looking at the history of those clubs. Also other fixtures appears to have huge clashes. Believe this season edition would be the most exciting starting from the group stages. The Ronaldo versus Messi meeting would be a huge if the pulls through for the Portuguese talisman. I somehow have doubts Cristiano Ronaldo would leaving the City club considering they have with his former club ma Manchester United. Guess it is football and anything can happen. Would love to see where Ronaldo at the end of the summer transfer window


Shakhtar Donetsk?-?Monaco
Monaco wins

Decent prediction has the french side actually picked up victory at 90 minutes. However sad they couldn't make it through to champions league group games an own goal in second half of extra time meant they got dropped out in terms of aggregate scoreline

Win the Shakhtar Donetsk for sure.

I am with you on this one Monaco wins


Newport County?-?Southampton

Southampton wins


Broendby IF?-?FC Salzburg


My prediction would be with FC Salzburg

Why am I feeling that it might be difficult for broendby to score a goal...

Cool prediction and over 2.5goals is certain

Thanks for the giveaway boss mate