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English Premier League

Chelsea vs Aston Villa

Home to win

A big win for the blues...

Hopefully. The international duty may cause fatigue

That I don't believe, the fatigue won't stop them from beating their opponent though the goal margin might be lesser...

Alright. This came from past season experiences. Many big teams may be defeated today.

I just hope it doesn't happen today, a lot is at stake...


I think Chelsea are the clear favorites.

It is very nice prediction and I'm giving Chelsea the victory no that gameand with two goals winning

Chelsea won hands down. They were the favorites.

Great prediction. Had no Doubt on the boy's on blue getting the job done. Amazing performance it was especially for summer signing Romelu Lukaku who got a brace. Convincing result it was at the Stamford bridge with a 3-0 scoreline

No surprises there as CHelsea is the clear favorite

English Premier League

Arsenal vs Norwich City

Home to win

Finally Arsenal with their first win, and Aubameyang with his first goal! I don't know if that will get them in a better direction for this season, we will see.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Arsenal to win what...

It will be Arsenal first win for the season.

So are you saying I should bet on it?

I am saying Arsenal is winning this.

Okay I have heard, let me try them today... I just hope I don't get dissapointed

Norwich may not be able to withstand Arsenal.

I think Arsenal will not win. I bet on a tie.

I would love that if Arsenal can win this game but I'm not sure they have song to win any game for now
Good luck for them 😃 😃

It's a surprise but I was fully expecting Arsenal to lose but they did pull off a win.

And the gunner's finally got their first win. Hope this begins the first of many for the team after enduring several loses since the new season kick-started

A 66th goal from Aubemeyang was enough to see them run with the three points. Hard fought win I must say

English Premier League

Crystal Palacs vs Tottenham Hotspur


Tottenham to win and over 1.5

Hmmm. Crystal Palace could appear a stubborn team.

They are stubborn, that was last season...

Tottenham is messing up already...

This match will be a draw.

Even with all the players they were missing, I wasn't expecting Tottenham to loose 3-0. The red card in second half didn't help of course but still. Till today, their season was starting well with 3 wins.

Well...I didn't think they would lose either but it looks like they had a bad day.

Unfortunately this didn't play as many had hoped. Home team shocked the away side with a three to nil scoreline. I must confess I was shocked with the outcome has I expected the Spurs team to atleast register a goal considering their impressive run since the season began

Good morning fam..

We are here again, EPL Day...

Question of the day

Will Ronaldo play today?

Most predictions on the lineup say Ronaldo and Greenwood will both start. But I wouldn't be surprised if Ronaldo only enters as a sub early in second half.

Same here, I think late in the second half just how Messi did...

Seems I was wrong, he played the whole match, and of course got a couple of goals. Good start with his old team

I was so surprised too, what a wonderful performance...

He is really the GOAT

Yea, it's hard to argue against that. The guy is a beast

For sure he's an extraordinary player, but I still think Messi is the GOAT. I know it's subjective, and somewhat controversial, but that's my opinion.

I think if he played.

Did you see the surprising players reaching the final at the women US open? Teenagers!
19 year old Leylah Fernandez from Canada will play against the 18 year old British Emma Raducanu.
The latter has been quite impressive. She's not even seeded for that tournament, and yet she didn't lose a single set to reach the Finals! Men or women, it's the first time ever a player from the qualifiers gets to the Finals of one of major tournaments.
I very rarely watch full tennis matches, but I might try and watch this one tomorrow. At the very least a long summary.

And of course, I had plenty of things to do, and I missed most of it. But that young lady from Britain Emma Radunacu did it. She won the Final at the US Open. After coming from the qualifiers, she went all the way to the win, without losing a single set. That's 10 matches! Very impressive. At just 18 years old! If she can keep a cool head, that's probably the start of a huge career. She won't be a surprise anymore though, she will be expected at all tournaments from now on.

Also at the US Open, the man Finals is also set: Novak Djokovic vs Daniil Medvedev
While Medvedev won in three sets against the young Félix Auger-Aliassime, Djokovic had to really struggle, and went to the final fifth set to win against Alexander Zverev. It was a rematch of the Tokyo Olympics semi-finals, but this time Djokovic didn't miss the opportunity to reach the Finals.
The final will be played this Sunday. I might also try and catch parts of it. I haven't watched much tennis in a long time, maybe it's time to change that a little. Plus, it's in the US for once, so no time difference.

How I love watching djokovic...

I hope he wins the finals 😊😊

Not the best start for him. He lost the first set, and already a brake for Medvedev in the second set. Djokovic is getting upset, and just smashed a racket. But we know that with him, anything is possible, he can come back from any bad situations. So, that makes things interesting for the rest of the match.

Medvedev is playing really well right now, and he just one the second set. That's 6-4, 6-4 so far. Can Djokovic come back?...

4-0 lead for Medvedev in the third set, that is starting to be really dangerous for Djoko, although I said nothing is impossible for him, I really doubt he can turn it around now.

Oh, Medvedev losing his nerves a little bit and losing his serve. That's still a 5-3 lead for him, but a very slight hope for Djoko now.

And that's it, Daniil Medvedev wins the US Open with 3 sets: 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. He played a very good match and Djokovic could never counter him efficiently. Djoko misses the calendar Grand Slam, and still cannot get past Federer and Nadal Grand Slam tournaments record. There's still next year of course.

I don't watch a lot of tennis, but I've seen a few DJoko matches and it's great to watch him play

Austria --> Bundesliga
Swarovski Tirol - Salzburg

Over 2.5

Over 3.5 will play too...

Germany --> 2. Bundesliga

Ingolstadt - Werder Bremen

Away wins

England --> Championship

West Bromwich - Millwall

Home Wins

What do you have to say on the match between


RONALDO is out, how will juventus performance be...? Do you think they can beat Napoli or have a draw....?

Apparently, Juventus still cannot adapt to Ronaldo leaving, or maybe some other problems. They lost again 2-1. Napoli is having a really good start with 3 wins out of 3 games. On the other hand, Juventus is starting very badly with one draw and 2 losses! Probably worst season start in a while for them

It's really getting difficult for juventus, Ronald's move affected them a lot..

I just hope they get stronger soon

🤦 Sevilla VS Barcelona has been postponed, does anyone know the reason for that?

Yeah, it's because the South American players that were playing the CONMEBOL world cup qualifiers were not able to play yet. It was refused first, but in the end the Liga accepted to postpone this game, and Villarreal vs Alavés as well

Another big match to watch today, n is the game between.......


With bayern current deadly form, what do you think will happen to LEIPZIG?

Who else is watching Ronaldo warming up....? ⚽⚽

Ronaldo did it again, lukaku is doing well for the blues too..

Awesome performance from both players who just switched from the Italian league. I believe they will both be fighting for the top scorer award's again in the English league

Even with plenty of players missing (including Messi and Neymar resting after the CONMEBOL world cup qualifiers), PSG won again very easily 4-0 against Clermont, which was one of the surprising good teams in this early Ligue 1 season. 2 goals from Herrera who shows he's in great form right now, and one from Mbappe indicating they can always count on him offensively. That's 5 wins out of 5 games for PSG, like I said, it will be soon very difficult to catch up with them.