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What am I have in the world of all today for myself it's just a game between
Lithuania vs Netherland which I'm give the victory to the Netherland

Thanks for the rewards! Not my favorite but still plenty of international football to watch and discuss these days.

Many thanks for the tokens. Much appreciated

Thanks for the token boss

Did you see that crazy tackle on Messi during the match between Venezuela and Argentina for the world cup qualifiers tonight? Very impressive and of course it resulted in a red card for Adrian Martinez. I can guarantee all the PSG supporters were so scared at that moment! Messi stayed laying on the field for a long time with the medical staff. But eventually it seems it wasn't so bad and he even finished the match. By the way, Argentina won that match 1-3.
Now, the big match for Argentina is this Sunday against Brazil. Brazil currently easily in the lead in their group with 6 wins in 6 matches, wants their revenge from the Copa America final lost a few months ago. But I read that none of their players from the English Premier League can play. I need to check the reason why.

Actually, it's now 7 wins for Brazil, because tonight, although they apparently struggled, they did win 1-0 against Chile. Bad news for Marquinhos who got a yellow card just 5 minutes before the end. Since he already had one, he will be suspended for the upcoming match against Argentina. I'm sure he would have liked to defend against his new PSG teammate Messi.

I have read something about a CONMEBOL-only rule on increased Covid-related cooldown days after a match so the Premier League does not agree to send their players to play specifically on CONMEBOL matches... so sad.

Posted via Blog | D.Buzz

Thanks for the info, I also read something similar this morning. I didn't know the league could pull all their players out like that, I thought it was the clubs' decision.
That's a big issue for Brazil, they have more than 10 players from the EPL in their roster. Of course, they have so much lead in their group that they can afford a few losses and still be in first position.

Yeah, actually it is a pretty bad decision that probably, aims to put a little pression on CONMEBOL to change their "one-way" rule... so mayba we might see some change in the near future (of course players like Fernandinho and Enderson represent a very high plu for every match... but also, as people has an entire year without assisting to games, maybe it does not make that huge difference)...


World Cup Qualification

Italy vs Bulgaria

Home to win

Italy is a clear favorite for this match.

Italy Will taker his match I think. They are favourite 🤩

The winner is just there observing.
Italy all the way

That's the piont

I see a draw in this game, the surprise jumps.

Good guess. Italy wasn't able to win this one. After a good start with Federico Chiesa scoring early, they let Bulgaria tie the match late in first half. After that, they really dominated, but couldn't score. After that match though, Italy is tied with Spain for the record of matches without losses, 35 in a row!
Italy is still leading easily in this group. The match against Switzerland this Sunday will be important. If they win it, not much will be in their way of the first position in the end.

Thanks for the update. I didn't realize that Italy has a record of 35 wins a row. I guess it means the next match will be crucial if they want to break the record.

The record is for matches without losses, so it includes draws. But it's quite a performance anyways. Their last loss was almost three years ago, and that includes the recent Euro Cup of course. And yes, they can break this record as soon as Sunday.

Thanks for the info. I didn't know that draws were also counted but it does make sense.

Quite a surprise, I gotta say! DIdn't see it coming

This is very nice prediction which I love to bet on it if I'm a gambler I can get a bet on it you are really doing a great job friend keep it up

And the defending European Champions Italy faltered on this one has they played a 1-1 draw against their opponent at the Artemio Franchi, Firenze. Disappointing result I will say for me as I expected them to pick all maximum point at home

Nice prediction boss

World Cup Qualification

Estonia vs Belgium

Away to win & over 2.5

Belgium will win the match clearly.

I am with Belgium for this match they have the capability to defeat Estonia. Let’s see

Ov 2.5
Belgium wins

Even with a very early goal for Estonia, it was an easy win for Belgium, with plenty of goals, 2-5! Belgium of course first in this group, with 10 points, followed by Czech Republic with 7 points. Their match against each other this Sunday will also be an important one.

That definitely is a huge amount of goals. Who do you think will win between Belgium and Czech Republic?

I think Belgium has the edge, they're in really good form at the moment. But I've proved many times that my predictions are not very accurate... which is why I focus more on the results.

Expected lots of goals on this one and the Belgium team didn't disappoint has scored goals for fun. Seven goals thriller it was at the end of the day has the resulted ended in favor of away side 2 goals to 5 at the A Le Coq Arena. great seeing Romelu Lukaku with a brace. He just can't keep scoring for his national side.

World Cup Qualification

Hungary vs England

Away to win

My prediction would be that England will be the winning team here 👍

Ov 1.5
Away win either half

I can't wait to see your prediction fail🤣🤣🤣

Okay bro.
I think I deserve something good as reward for predicting correctly.


God will reward you for your hardwork.. 🤣 🤣

I pray so.
I hope you had a wonderful Sunday

Nice job. Did you bother betting?

I couldn't

Hungary wins by the minimum.

Why am I feeling that England will draw this match..

It has shocked you at last. Hahaha

England started slow, but scored four goals in second half to win 0-4. With 4 wins in four matches, they are easily in the lead in this group. Not really a surprise as they were the clear favorite. Their next match this Sunday against Andorra should also be not too difficult.

Great prediction. Awesome performance it was for the three Lions has they convincingly dispatched home side in four goals to nil score line at the Ferenc Puskas Stadion. Nice seeing the English team keep a clean sheet yet again. Their Backline solid as ever. Hope they keep that going for a long time as a team defense determines how far they could go.


Sweden - Spain

Spain wins

Sweden Is going to win this match.

Good guess! Spain scored first early in the game, but Sweden tied it just a minute later. And finally they scored another goal in second goal to win it 2-1. Same recurrent problem for Spain, they have the ball possession and plenty of chances, but they don't score enough of these chances.
With that win, Sweden also gets to first position in the group with 9 points.

I think 3 goals will play in this match


Italy - Bulgaria

Italy wins


Estonia - Belgium

Belgium wins

Hi good morning..

It's another day, and guess what?

I plan on betting high on just 3 games, can you guys help me with good predictions...