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Djokovic continues its march to complete the calendar year Grand slam, which means winning all four majors (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open) in the same year. After winning the first three tournaments, he's now qualified for the semi-finals at the US Open.
In the quarter finals, he lost the first set to Matteo Berrettini, but then quickly turned it around and won three straight sets 'easily' and final score was 5-7, 6-2, 6-2, 6-3. I only saw the highlights, but that was great tennis from him, if he can keep that level, I don't see anybody able to stop him. However, the semi finals will be against Alexander Zverev, who beat him at the Tokyo Olympics. Probably an interesting match to check tomorrow.

I just don't follow up, I only watch highlights every morning on sportsblitz🤦

The Serb happens to be at the form of his life. I see him clinching the forth title in this calendar year. His match against zverev will s though one but I expect him to pull through. He will most likely be facing Dan Medvedev in the final. Best wishes to him has he go all the way to set a record Nadal and Federer wasn't able to achieve. I believe this will make him the greatest of all time if he pulls it off

Oh do it looks like he is doing quite well. I don't really watch tennis much though.

I havent followed Tennins in a while. Whos is the top shot these days?

Djokovic is really dominating right now, with Federer just out of yet another surgery and Nadal injured as well. But plenty of 'new names' (at least for me): Stefanos Tsitsipas, Daniil Medvedev, Alexander Zverev, and the young ones like Félix Auger-Aliassime from Quebec and the 18 year old Alcaraz who just lost in quarter-finals due to injury.
I don't watch very closely either, but I like to watch the long match summaries during the major tournaments

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Thanks a bunch for the participation tokens. In football, international break is almost over, except for the CONMEBOL. National domestic leagues resume as soon as Friday!

Thanks for the token I really appreciate

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Paraguay - Venezuela

Paraguay wins

I think this match will be won by Paraguay

I don't even know players from both team and I can't just judge with their names, but I think 2.5 goals will come in the game

Wow this very nice prediction from you man which I'm given victory to Paraguay or to give the match over 1.5

I have not heard of this competition before but I guess It is a nice prediction

It's just the South America zone for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Same as CAF for African zone, UEFA for European zone, etc...

Ok and thanks for the updates as well @manuvert

Paraguay is not what it used to be in my opinion but still a decent team

Correct. It looks like Paraguay won.

Awesome prediction. Home team got the job done has defeated Venezuela two goals to one at the Estadio Defensores del Chaco. Quite a narrow win but it did ensure Paraguay picked up the maximum points on the night


Paraguay - Venezuela

Uruguay - Ecuador


This very a great one indeed which I believe this is very possible on this match

I bet Uruguay - Ecuador ends in a draw.

This also happened to play out has the away team snucked in a late goal courtesy Jhon Chancellor in the 90th minutes to ensure both te got on the scoresheet.


La Equidad - Tolima


Unfortunately this didn't play out as predicted. I also expected to see some number of goals but I guess it's one of those days where the goal dries up. It was disappointing match has both failed to get on the scoresheet. Goalless the game ended at full time

World Cup Qualification

Paraguay vs Venezuela

Home wins

I think it will be a tie.

Well let's just watch and see

Good guess, Paraguay won 2-1. They were up 2 goals until the last minute, when Jhon Chancellor scored a goal for Venezuela

Nice prediction. Had the utmost certainty that Paraguay would get one over Venezuela. Glad they didn't disappoint has they came out 2-1 winners at the end of the toe

World Cup Qualification

Uruguay vs Ecuador

*** Draw Half Time &U 2.5***

Uruguay will win the match

Uruguay is traditionally stronger then Ecuador, I believe

This prediction is just not gonna work, draw and over 2.5, half time? 🤔

I didn't predict over 2.5
I said:
Draw @ half time
And Under 2.5 goals @ full time

Okay, too bad i didn't get that...

It looks like the game is still going on but I think uruguay would win.

I think your prediction was correct, but Uruguay was lucky. Pereiro scored the only goal in injury time, for a 1-0 Uruguay win.

This one awesome prediction as it played just the way you gave it. Nothing was able to stop both teams at halftime as it was a stalemate. Second half however produced a injury time goal for Uruguay courtesy a finish from Gaston Pereiro. At the end of the tie it was a win for the home side and a under 2.5 at the Estadio Campeon del Siglo

Venezuela Primera Division Oriental Group

Mineros De Guayana vs Monagas SC

U 2.5

Did anybody else have trouble posting here today? Earlier, I tried to comment several times, and they all went into some sort of infinite loop, and the comment was never posted. Anyways, no big deal, it seems to work now, even if it is still quite slow to post.

I did. There was a reboot of the hive engine API which resulted in all tribes unable to perform any activity. Only the regular UI like hive blog, ecency and peakd was able to perform and activity. Glad it is back now

Okay, thanks for confirming and the explanation.

Argentina up one goal at half time against Bolivia. Messi scored after about 14 minutes. Argentina is really dominating, with over 71% ball possession. Hopefully, they can keep it this way in second half.

Final score, 3-0 win for Argentina. And that's a Messi hat-trick! Even though he only played a few minutes with his new PSG team so far, he seems to still be in really good form.
Argentina is second in the South America world cup qualifiers, behind Brazil. That should not be a problem for them to qualify.

The possession reduced in the second half but the home side were able to run out comfortable winners after a hat-trick from talisman Lionel Messi. It was three to nil win at the Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti.

Talking about Brazil, they also won. 2-0 against Peru with a goal from Everton Ribeiro and one from Neymar. Even without their EPL players, that was not a problem to beat Peru.
That's 8 wins in 8 qualifiers matches for Brazil. Seems almost too easy!

Great win it was for the samba boys. They Got the job done as they saw off peru. An assist and a goal from Neymar Jr saw pick up the vital win at the Arena Pernambuco

Weekend is here already.. I can't wait to predict, watch and win games, please any good analysts should drop predictions...