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RE: Is Jesus the messiah Arsenal have been looking for?

Here's the thing though, Arsenal doesn't need a traditional striker. In fact, if you watch Harry kane's game(which you do), you'll have noticed he has evolved his football to suit modern requirements of a "striker".

Jesus role is going to transcend simply scoring goals because he will not be our "number 9". He's just going to be a part of a forward three that press high.

WHat Arsenal is looking for is an all round footballer, rather than a "striker". This is why Lacazette was preferred over Auba.

Jesus will actually be massive and while his goalscoring numbers overall aren't impressive, you need to keep in mind that he wasn't always a regular starter at City, and he also has one of the best minutes to goal contribution in the history of the Premier league.

Also, he is a much better addition to our team than Richarlison is to Spurs.


Those of us who have watched Kane since the very early part of his career would disagree with the mainstream view that he's evolved. Coming through the ranks he always looked more like a number 10 than an out and out striker. It's more revolution than evolution in his case.

Plus despite that change in role over the past couple of years he’s still capable of scoring every other game. That’s what I call complete or an “all round footballer”.

Jesus’ goals per min in the EPL over the last 2 years are 235’ and 229’ respectively not exactly elite. To put that into context, Jesus was level with Chris Wood in terms of goals per minute in the 20/21 season. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Burnley had Kevin de Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, et al to supply him with those chances?

Keep in mind that despite Jesus' talent, he was in and out of the city squad because he was signed as a squad rotation player. He never had a decent run.

If youlook at his goal and assist returns for all the matches he starts, you will find that it is not as bad as many claim it to be.

Also, keep in mind that he was never used as a Striker at City and he will also not be used as a Striker at Arsenal. In fact, at City, he spent most time on the flank or played as a false 9.