The journey of life

In the history of sport,I am yet to hear of anybody that just woke from sleep and made it to the top.

People like Didier Drogba was known at Marseille but he became a legend at Chelsea.I am told a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step,the journey of life in football is very tricky because there are places in find yourself and you find it difficult to sort your feet.

Eden Hazard for me was man of the moment since he made his move from Lille to Chelsea in 2012 and since then has being a shinning start until he made that drastic move to Madrid last 2years,yes is everyone blood to play for the biggest club in the world but for me,he made the wrong move.

Chelsea football club came into limelight after it was bought by Roman Abrahamovic and since then,the club is known and compete at the biggest stage,the journey of life.

Money can transform and detect the journey of life in such a way that players change club because of the offer and where the club is especially if the club play champion league.

So my advise for the young footballers is that you don't need to rush it,stay in one club,get matured and then think of the right move to make because even people like Ramirez played in the shed before raising to fame.