I don't think there was any genuine interest from us. The relationship between him and Edu seems to have been the driving factor in signing for them and I bet City were happy to get £45mil for a squad player whose contract expires next year

He always gave 100% though but I suppose Richarlison has his place on Brazil team

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You were never going to sign him, don't kid yourself

No we went for the guy who took his place for Brazil instead.

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I guess the difference with Jesus and Richarlison is we are signing another team’s first choice striker as a backup, they are signing someone’s back up as their first choice.

You really the opinions of the comedians at AF TV serious?

You lot own them not us! 🤣🤣🤣

lol no sane person takes them serious. They're a comedy show that you just watch to unwind.

Kind of like Mark Goldbridge for Manchester United. Just pure comedy

Friend of mine was at the an Arsenal game reporting for a national radio show. Some fans thought he was one of the people from AFTV and he was getting loads of abuse. From arsenal fans at that.

Best to never take anything most football fans say seriously. As a group we tend to be a little emotional!