The English Premiership Last Man Standing Competition 2022 Launch

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It is that time of year again where I am taking entries for the upcoming Last Man Standing Competition that launches on the first day of the premiership season which is not far away now on the 5th August.
This competition has been fairly popular in recent years on Hive so I said why not do it again this year. It is free to enter and it is a bit of a laugh and does not take up much of your precious time.
For those of you on Hive that do not know the difference between a football and a tennis ball, fear not. Some of the most intelligent football minds get knocked out in the first round of this competition including myself on many occasions. All you have to do is pick one team and hope they win. If they get beaten or draw then you are eliminated. Anyone that has a winning team goes to the next round and picks a team from the fixtures in week two which I will post out coming up to the date for participants to select their team. The only hitch is that you cannot select the same team twice so there is a bit of strategy to work out here. So for anyone that would like to enter so the below photo for info. The first weekly Hive post is this one so you can comment on your selection below.

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Fixture List

This is the fixture list for the first round so feel free to comment below your selections to enter the competition.

Screenshot 2022-07-16 160752.jpg

This competition is free to enter. However many participants who are mad about football would like a second chance. So this year I will give them a lifeline. If your team gets eliminated on the first week I will allow ONE opportunity to buy back in. Send me 1 Hive and I will send you back 1 Hive Basic Income Share.

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The Prize

The prize will be below

1st Prize 30 HBI
2nd Prize 10 HBI

And there will be a couple of HBI that will be sent to sore losers, bragging champions and the best comments. The competition normally lasts for 7 or 8 weeks so it is important you get your selections in weekly. I will not be chasing people this year because I have a life.

House Rule
(Arsenal fans who pick Arsenal in the first game of the season do not get a chance to buy back in!!
I don't make the rules!!! Oh wait ... I do. )

So that's all from me. Enter your selections below and may the best man/woman win!!!


Hahahahaa I am so in!!! Thank you.

Usual suspect arrives. But how am I even a usual suspect,when it's my first time?🤥

Well,I'm glad the house rule says nothing about Arsenal supporters,just the fans. All these new found exuberance of white London,is their cup of tea.😁

Thanks for the invite as I go with Liverpool.

This "suspect" list makes you a suspect too.😀

The usual suspects who comment on my posts! Liverpool it is .untitled.gif

Oh okay.🙂
Though I'm wondering if I deserve this honorable tag,since people like the man who curates for ocd, want me more involved in conversations.

I just do the best I can,under my circumstances. Thanks for the mention.

My pick for week 1 is Wolves.

a question tho, if someone does pic arsenal in week 1 how would you know that they are arsenal fans?

There is always a hint of desperation off them.

lol true enough

Thanks for your selection.

Very cool competition! I will try to play it safe in the first round and choose Newcastle :D

Well, whats a safe choice right? but I hope that this time money can buy goals :P

Excellent choice my friend. untitled.gif

Thank you very much! :)

Ah! This is the kinda thing that I like 😋
I hope that their good business so far pays off, so I'm going with Aston Villa

Thank you @blanchy for the opportunity

Villa is turning out to be a popular choice. I predict a bloodbath!!untitled.gif

We'll swim graciously in it.
And thank God I'm not an arsenal fan 😋

Thanks for tagging me, i will be choosing Liverpool for the first week.

M.United, who didn't look too bad in the friendlies, will be my preference. I think they will want to erase the bad traces of last season. For that, a good start is necessary.

we will see . They look good in pre season without the GOAT but when he comes back maybe everything will fall apart.

It feels great to be part of this again my preferred team is Spurs.

The first Entry @emeka4. Spurs it is

Let me go with Manchester United for this round... I'm keeping that faint hope hahaha.

There he is picking his own team!! untitled.gif

🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂 I know they would win the first game. We mostly win our first game but I'm definitely not picking them IF I get through the next round 😂🤣🤣

You can't pick the same team twice @olawalium . That's the game so in theory you are wasting a strong one on your first round which not alot of people do.

Ouch. 💔💔💔

On the other hand United are pretty dire at the moment so maybe you picked a weak team first. untitled.gif

😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 another ouch... Straight to the belly kinda punch 🤣🤣😂😂

I will select my good old faithful Chelsea. Will be an interesting new era. Without Abramovich we finally get rid of the Chelski tag?

Well with American Todd Boehly, we'll be called "Chelkee". Chelsea + Yankee. Coining it now!

Excellent choice Wolfgang. The Russki did a stellar job over the last decade. I'm not sure if the Yankee realises how much money the Russki put into the club.

surely the tag will still sound the same with it being "Chelskee" now

A billionaire is a billionaire whatever country they are from I suppose.😀

Well I'm going first with my team Manchester United , and hope they don't fail me , they've doing pretty well in the preseason though but ...
I won't count my eggs yet

Well I can't choose any team other than my beloved Blues. Chelsea Forever 💙

Will they let you down (again) ?

Yes they will :/

Excellent news as this is really good fun and is actually bloody tricky and difficult. The idea of getting rid of the weaker teams first is the gamble for a long ride and being the first game of the season even trickier. So let me get this right if I choose Man united as the first game and they are knocked out (hopefully) I cannot pick them again even if I pay in the 1 Hive. Maybe onto something here lol by buying a dud for round 1.

Strategising already I see!! Yes your selection will be crossed off the list even if you buy back in week 1 so you will be unable to pick that team again.

How terrible lol as now the pressure is really off and need to find a proper dud. Knowing my luck they will win.

You are probably the only last man standing entry I know that will play the system.🤣🤣🤣.

These rules are made just for me.

So I expect selection at the last minute as usual yeah?

No. This will be quick once I see the fixture list lol.

It's in the post ya silly billy

My boys in blue should give me the needed victory...I go with Chelsea Football Club

Excellent mate. I can feel the tension rising.

Week 1: Leeds. 100% cert for an opening day win :-)

Hahaha picking your own team first week. Brave decision. untitled.gif

I'm picking Totnum Hotsprout for the first week.

Looking forward to early elimination.

I see what you did there. Don't lie , you are in it to win it!untitled.gif

With the buy back in option then let's make it a bit more interesting and go Bournemouth!

You are getting as sneaky as that lad @cryptoandcoffee in South Africa.

I think we both share that nasty habit of actually reading the post! 🤣

Lol. Why not have a free ride into round two using up a weaker team? Love seeing others pick their favorites as they are not understanding how hard this becomes in week 4 and 5.

Bournemouth have got a shocking start to the season so you can definitely rule them out for coming weeks when they’re away at City and Liverpool. But a promoted team, at home, first game of the season you never know and Villa are hardly world beaters.

And if they crash and burn then I’m straight back in!

Yes and why Bournemouth, Villa, Everton and Fulham should have been everyone's first picks.

I'd throw Palace and probably Southampton in there as well. They've both got horrendous starts to the league.

In fact, Palace would have been my second choice behind the Cherries.


Hey @cryptoandcoffee, here is a little bit of BEER from @talesfrmthecrypt for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

😂 😂.

Nice one buddy

I will tagged the other Galway man @niallon11 to make sure he gets an entry in. I know he asked me to tag him the next time I set this up.

This is my first time of coming across this contest. I'm going for Newcastle.

Fingers crossed 🤞🏾


Cheers bOS

This will be so interesting

For the first week ,I will go with Aston villa

Excellent choice @shamzy

Thanks, I hope I will be lucky 🌚


The English Premiership Last Man Standing Competition is a great way to test your knowledge of the Premier League, and it's also a lot of fun. And only the best will be able to triumph. Thank You for the Mention @blanchy
It is Man City for me!!!. See you at the top!!!!

Ooooo getting rid of a top team straight off the bat..confident.

Thanks for the mention because I wouldn't have know that this competition is going on..
I will definitely pick Liverpool, that's a easy win for Liverpool

Good man freedom. Liverpool it is

My first pick is Manchester united

Wow!! Just hearing about this contest for the first time and since I was called in by @blanchy and a lover of sports who am I to say no 🤣🤣.

So if the rules is to pick a team for the first week I will go for my wonderful team MANCHESTER UNITED.


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The story so far


second round of tags for the sportstalksocial community to join this free Last Man Standing competition . See this post for details.
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Entries so far with 2 weeks to go until the start of the competition!! Get your entries in. Thanks to all those who have given me their entry so far.

I would choose Newcastle

My team for the week is LIVERPOOL