Yeah he's not coming to Buffalo…Heard Von today basically sound like Odell is going to Dallas.

We'll see, but my money is on Dallas.

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Jerry never made him a offer due to physical... we will see brother! Followed!

Comin at cha! How bout a wake n back session too? And, no its not Dak's #GoldenYear. He has a bad case of the big head syndrome thats all. He be eating his words later 🤠

No more lives for me for now.. I may jump on a panel now n then

Well, shows how much you care bout your twos and views. Its cool. Im good out here with these wolves you threw me to 💯🤠💔

Where is your daily content? 100 days?

Its 50 days Cowboy 🤠 And, I havent started it yet. Im slacking I know. I need help with some stuff, questions to ask. But, where are you?

What's this I hear about Dallas spending another $300 million on their stadium / grounds. Wow!

Upgrade time! Gotta realize we were the 1st super stadium its been a while! Much needed upgrades!

Whatever 🙄 Good one Cowboy 🤠