OCD Sportstalk Incubation Curation Update

Pretty cool to see the @sportstalksocial community growing and adding new members every week. We passed over the 1400 mark today and now sit on 1402 and like everything else on Hive the tribes are getting stronger. The great thing is new users are joining not because of the value of the token, but more what the community has to offer in engagement and support.

I haven't checked but the post count feels down compared to previous weeks and that is absurd, but expected with Hive dropping in price. One must never lose sight of the bigger picture and that if the hive price drops you actually earn more Hive which is what we all want unless you are selling everything which in my mind is super dumb right now. Grow whilst we have the chance before we are inundated with new accounts diluting the reward pool. Now is the time to do an extra post as earning is still easier during these times as not only will you be noticed growing your support base, but overall you will grow.

Last week I gave out 3 tags to help you and only 1 user took advantage of this which is kind of weak. Well done to @ablaze for spotting it and reading the post as he can obviously see the value of receiving support. I am trying to get the community up to a minimum of 5 posts to be curated every day and we are barely making 3 which is half of where we should be.

There are still a large percentage of users who are obviously following news feeds and highlighting the obvious news stories which we have all read before they are even posted. This is a form of spam but there is an opportunity instead of doing 3 shit posts every day making one decent one with your own spin on things with your thoughts and ideas. Doing Dlike posts or the equivalent wont really help you grow and offering something fresh would be appreciated.

This week again we had some great posts that cannot be supported as the users posting them are not involved in the community. Posting is only half the job and these users are not new to Hive as their record of 1 comment every 2 weeks or monthly clearly shows where they are. If you are one of those users I suggest you need to change your methods as you are throwing away money and support. Doing curation is not just on the post, but what happens behind the scenes as support works on many levels. @ocd is a curation team supported on delegation by the community and has to support users involved in the community.

Please I am asking everyone to start writing again as things are quiet on my side looking for things to curate. Do a slightly longer post instead of a 2 minute read as the extra rewards has to be justified. Think about it logically a 2 minute post being rewarded with $20 or $25 as extra curation doesn't look right and therefore cannot qualify. I am just asking everyone to think and take the time to do things properly. I have just looked now and today only 2 posts have been put forward as none of the others qualify for extra rewards and can't spell it out clearer enough for everyone.

I will keep the same tags for next week again with those being #whackysports, #weirdsports, #crazysports.

I have been looking out for new users to help and one has been highlighted this week as he just doesn't have the resource credits @johnvonbob who after checking has to wait another 3 days to recharge. This is just not right and if you know any others in the same position please highlight this as this is something the community can fix. We need new members and having them with no resource credits doesn't help anyone.


I regret that I was not able to post continuously in sportstalksocial back then. It because I'm so busy with my schooling which I believe very important. But lately, as the result of pandemic, I'm staying at home and do the school things online. I will try to utilize this chances to be active in sportstalksocial.

Excellent work that my friend does, it is a pride to present my contents here and that they have had great receptivity, we will continue to support with pleasure and passion. @cryptoandcoffee

I literally just realized this community exists yesterday after reading the well-written post on UFC by @edprivat.

I do share your sentiment. I would love to get active around here as I am a lover of sport, especially football and it is always good to see people talk about what I love and for me to talk with them.