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RE: The Science Behind the Sweet Science

I would hate to train any of these fighters as truth be told both are very emotional and unstable. A top fighter from another era would spot flaws in both of their styles and put them away as neither is going to be remembered in 10 years time. I thought when we had the Klitschko brothers heavyweight boxing had hit an all time low, but it is now. No wonder the likes of Jake Paul can attract attention as the sport has no super stars of their own. Joshua had the opportunity but he has a glass jaw and is more show than go with his physique. I am hoping someone who is worthy of the heavy weight title steps up from somewhere and dominates the sport as that is what it needs urgently.

Boxers have to train at least 3 months in advance working on two different styles to confuse their opponent. This is why they sometimes change their stance during the fight if the plan is not going that well.


Fury is the top dog now, he just needs to put his act together and I reckon he could clean up the division and reign for a very long time