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RE: Is Jesus the messiah Arsenal have been looking for?

Never really rated him anyway as surely Arsenal want a top striker and this is the equivalent of a journeyman boxer who is there to compete but gives you no frills or extras.


It’s always interesting to see how a guy coming from a bigger more successful club where he was a squad player reacts to being the main man at a club that really needs him to step up and deliver week in week out

There's a misconception about what Arsenal needs. Arsenal doesn't need a "top striker". In fact, right now, most teams have evolved beyond a "top striker.

Arsenal needs another forward to compliment our young forwards that can match their intensity and push the team to the next level.

jesus isn't just a shiny new toy, he's actually the player that Arsenal needs based on his numerous qualities including pace, ability to press, big lungs and finishing, amongst other traits.

doubters have one job , doubt !