Hazard kicked them and provoked Messi and mocked Ronaldo.. Ball collectors between riot and innocence

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No one denies the role of ball collectors in the magician's round courts, whether positive or negative, each assessed in the best interest of his team.

It doesn't stop when you just give the ball to the players when you need it, but who does hidden acts that sometimes provoke guests, and who wastes time, and who even goes out of sight and assaults the players.

But they are also vulnerable to attacks from players, who are unable to control their nerves, and are prone to injuries by hitting the ball hard at any moment depending on where they are positioned.

Provocation of Messi

In May 2019, Barcelona met England's Liverpool in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, a game that ended in favour of the Reds with a clean quartet.

After the end of the game, one of the children took the balls to the pitch, provoking Lionel Messi; Albersa's player at the time, referring to him with a victory sign.

The security officers intervened in the situation and took the child out of the playground.

Mockery of Ronaldo

In March 2014, a funny shot brought together Cristiano Ronaldo; Real Madrid star at the time, and one of the balls collectors..

The event took place during the clash against Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in La Liga, where the result indicated the latter's lead with a double for a clean goal.

The referee calculated a corner in favour of the royal, Ronaldo heading for the ball holder, but was surprised by his deliberate slowdown in not giving Real the chance to tie it, as the match was marked for 70 minutes.

The child provoked Don, to whom he pointed angrily, it was not until he threw the ball away from the player, turning Ronaldo's copycat in a cynical manner.

But the joy of the balls collector did not last long, as Don realized the tie after.

Hazard Kick

In January 2013, Chelsea bid farewell to the English Professional Club Cup, after drawing against Swansea City in the second leg of the semi-final, losing in the first leg 2-0.

In the second leg, with ten minutes left, the balls collector deliberately wasted time on the Blues players, provoking player Eden Hazard.

Hazard headed for the kid to get the ball and keep playing, but he was surprised to surround the ball with his body, to kick it in a strange way with a view to getting the ball.

Hazard apologized after the game for acting, asserting that he was trying to kick the ball and not the child, but that he was hedging the ball with his body, causing him to get kicked.

Calafiore slap

In April 2021, Italy's Roma placed a guest at Dutch side Ajax in the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals, a game that ended in favour of the visitors.

But Roma players deliberately wasted time during the match, which provoked the collector, especially since Ricardo Calafiore; The Wolves defender returned the ball to him and asked for another ball to execute a throw-in, and here the baby collector threw the ball directly at the player from close range, to punish him, before the referee gave the Rome defender an ultimatum to waste time.

Provocation of Evra

In May 2015, the second leg of the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid, Spain, and Juventus, Italy, saw Yufi rise to the final.

During the first half hour of the game, the hosts managed to advance with a single goal, and here the collector decided to waste time.

Yufi gets a corner, his defender Patrice Evra heads for the collector to get the ball, but the latter gets the ball away from the player, to get Evra again, but the child repeats his action and gets the ball out of front of him again, and here the player decides to stop pursuing the round, before the child gives him the ball himself.

The balls collector acted to waste time did not help his team, as the game ended in a 1-1 draw, and Yufi was victorious in the going, to rise to the final.

Contribution to Liverpool's Remontada
In May 2019, Liverpool Rimontada made history against Barcelona, Spain, by winning a clean quad, in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals, to move the Reds up to the final, having been defeated in the first leg 3-0.

In the 78th minute of the match, Liverpool get a corner, and while each player is positioned in the box, surprises the balls collector, Arnold; The Reds player, by giving him the ball quickly, also quickly executes the corner, and his team succeeds in getting a goal through Origi.

The balls collector's child in this match, Oakley Cannonaire, was considered by the Reds to be the star of Remontada.

Attack on Ronaldo

In April 2021, Juventus won against Genoa by a hat-trick against a single goal, in the Serie A games.

Following the match, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared; The Yufi star of her time, as if throwing his team shirt to the ground, in a shot followed by huge resentment with the old lady's audience.

But then, the photographer denied to Don that he was throwing the shirt to the ground, confirming that he was giving it to the balls collector, who did not appear in the photo.

Missy's Special Celebration

In April 2021, Barcelona won against Getafe, in the 31st round of La Liga by five to two goals.

Argentine record Lionel Messi; The Barsa star at the time, his third team goal in great fashion, but did not celebrate with his teammates, but rather preferred to celebrate with the balls collector behind the opposition goal, as he went to shake his hand and celebrate with him, before heading to his teammates, with great happiness from the balls collector.


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