LULA | The genius of Conte who destroyed everyone with her separation

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Duo was better.

In an era when coaches favor a one-forward tactic, it has become difficult for a pair of spearheads to shine, but Antonio Conte, the man whose 3-5-2 tactic gave so many doubles chances to shine in the past, came back and introduced a new double, the LULA brace.

Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez were Conte's latest successful attacking duo, the two players from the first day together in the 2019-2020 season got together on and off the field, as they became close friends outside it, and inside it is a distinctive duo, with the two players having the capabilities to complement each other.

The duo developed over two seasons until Conte was rarely dispensed with, and Alexis Sanchez's role was reduced with its presence, and there was no need for a fourth heavy-caliber striker to support the front line, and the result of 41 between the Belgian and the Argentine helped Inter restore the absent Scudetto title for years.

The separation of the duo last summer after Lukaku's decision to leave for Chelsea in search of self-assertion in England had a strong impact on all parties involved, and, contrary to what was expected, if one emerged as a winner.

Lukaku lost his prestige in England as it was before Inter years, and the tone of irony returned to haunt him in light of the decline in his level and his lack of his scoring sense that made him in Inter become one of the best players in the world, as he scored 12 goals in all competitions only, including only 5 in the league, and now he is just An expensive reserve player who does not know what to do with the Blues, especially after his statements about his unhappiness in London and his lack of Milan.

While at Inter the situation was not better, the Nerazzurri lost its first star, and despite Marotta's statements that Lukaku's compensation with Edin Dzeko was appropriate, but the field's language says the opposite.

The Bosnian veteran presents a good season, but he is not Lukaku, as his different style of play greatly affected the speed of transfer of attacks, and the first affected is Laotaro, who failed to adapt with his new partner in the attacking duo, and the Argentine level decreased significantly, although some thought that Lukaku's departure would give him The opportunity to become a curling star.

Lautaro failed to play the number 10 and the first Inter star, and despite scoring 15 goals in all competitions this season, but his fasting periods are long, the last of which extended between December and February, and he lacked his most prominent advantages as a supporting striker who contributes to building play and preparing for his colleagues, which he did well with Conte and with Lukaku.

The duo of Lukaku and Lautaro remain among the best strikers in the world of football at the present time, but the separation of the players from each other is certain that both of them lost a lot, and Inter and Chelsea also incurred technical and financial losses, making the separation of LULA a disaster for all concerned.


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