Towards stopping the farce and Zidane's dream .. Chelsea was right to dismiss Tuchel!

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Right decision in a timely manner

Don't feel sure where you are at Chelsea, even if Roman Abramovich is gone. This was the clearest message after Todd Polly's decision to sack German coach Thomas Tuchel and oust him from Stamford Bridge.

Had the German aspiration to change direction within the Blues and the era of succession of coaches ended, those ambitions ended entirely after his departure in the early weeks of the current season.

Poor results and worse performances, most recently the shocking loss from Dinamo Zagreb in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, along with a significant decline at the domestic level as well.

But the reasons for the dismissal are not limited to results, because Chelsea won a few days in a fierce derby at West Ham's expense, and could have qualified for the champions' round of 16 even after the loss from Zagreb.

Lack of identity
Tuchel's start with Chelsea was brighter than he had expected at Stamford Bridge, because what he failed to do with an enormous number of stars at Paris Saint-Germain, he achieved with the Blues with a lower group of players that was winning the Champions League.

Achievements continued with the European Super Title and Club World Cup, with Thomas Tuchel becoming the world's head coach of the year for the 2020/2021 season.

The team at the time had a clear identity, through which we witnessed the image of Tuchel himself changing, from an offensively reckless coach who did not take into account the defensive aspects, to another more mature coach who was good at creating balance with his team.

The German contributed to the high level of many players and developed them on the individual side, most notably Antonio Rudiger, who was mocked by the start of his Chelsea career before his move to Real Madrid after becoming more glamorous thanks to Tuchel.

The same is true of Barcelona's Andreas Christensen, Reece James, Jorginho, who switched from a dependent on the team to Europe's best player as well as Mateo Kovacic and other players.

But after winning the Champions League and all these aspects improved, the team's most important goal was to be crowned in the Premier League last season, so former owner Roman Abramovich paid a record amount to include Romelu Lukaku of Inter.

The result was the team finishing third, entering into a struggle for Champions League qualification in the final rounds, and Lukaku returning to Inter again on loan in a massive loss to the London club like with another striker who failed with Tuchel, Timo Werner.

The problem was not only in the results but in the absence of any identity and a clear way for the London team under the German, an absent figure and a clear decrease in many level of players who suffer to understand what Tuchel wants on the field.

Another opportunity

This season was the new opportunity, and Chelsea's management fully strengthened the team, spending 281.99 million euros on new deals to fill all gaps.

Pierre Aubameyang, Denis Zakaria, Karni Shukumika, Raheem Sterling, Kalidou Koulibaly, Mark Cocorella, Wesley Fofana and Gabriel Slonina, a historic summer of transfers should have produced promising results.

But Tuchel did not help himself and made a poor start to the season by triumphing 3 times, drawing once and losing twice, so Todd Poly intervened to stop Lukaku's repeat scenario extensively and avoid wasting more money.

Losses are not the only reason but simply the American businessman felt that the Panel would not go far under Tuchel, which is a correct view and has many evidence.

The scenario is similar to what happened with Maurizio Sarri when he won the Europa League and qualified for the Champions League through the Premier League, but did not continue because the club's management is looking at the long term.

Tuchel had no clear project and long-term plan, because he was using available resources and trying to sign players ready to achieve his goals, so abandoning him would probably not cause disaster or trend things much worse than the current situation that is already tense.

The British newspaper Telegraph has itself confirmed these signs, revealing differences between Polly and Tuchel over the transfer policy, due to the club owner's insistence on signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

It came to Tuchel's unwillingness to be on the Department's WhatsApp group to discuss deals, as he preferred to solve his problems by communicating with close friends in the training world.

The difficulty of communication not only occurred between Tuchel and management, but some players were not happy during their work with the 49-year-old, headed by Moroccan star Hakim Ziyech and American winger Christian Pulisic.

The development of players has turned into a massive downturn with the absence of team personality for management to risk the anger of the fans and the ridicule of critics, making the right decision to save what can be saved and thinking about the club's future at the long level and not just what is happening now.

Because other than the results, the club was draining its resources by decreasing the market value of the players were paid huge amounts to sign them and not benefiting them during the German era.

For Ziyech, this may finally be his chance to prove himself with Chelsea after keeping him to the team, so he is one of the most successful winners of Tuchel's departure with Pulisic.

The perfect new coach?

According to several newspapers, Brighton manager Graham Potter is the closest he is at the moment, after the club's management allowed him to negotiate with the Blues for the next few days.

Appointing a 47-year-old English coach is probably one of Chelsea's most important decisions, because he has done with Brighton what Tuchel has not done at Stamford Bridge, which has created identity for his team for longer and more continuous, since his arrival in 2019 to date.

Brighton became the most annoying team for adults, beating Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and even Liverpool, a team that does not have the same ingredients available at Chelsea.

The Chelsea Administration must therefore pay attention to this name, which has not been sufficiently entitled, unless Polly's delegation decides to rely on the strongest and most experienced names at the highest level.

Here we will certainly talk about Zinedine Zidane, the most suitable and best choice ever among the coaches available and considered a dream for the fans of the London team, but does the Frenchman sacrifice the idea of coaching his country after the World Cup?

Lastly, Mauricio Pochettino, who has Premier League coaching experience with Tottenham, is the least viable option due to his failure with Paris Saint-Germain, the French club that relies on a policy similar to Chelsea in terms of ownership and player signings.


The big question is can they wait until after the World Cup for Zidane as it is along way off still. Potter would be ideal but also I have my doubts whether he would want the job. His project of building a formidable team at Brighton is doing great and expect them to finish mid table yet again with no fears of relegation.

I think that the situation of the team cannot wait for the end of the World Cup, yes Graham Potter will be a successor to lead Chelsea with a long-term contract that would be an excellent decision

The old mentality was successful with Chelsea. It won many trophies, but it was always “unstable.” Chelsea’s managerial mentality was focused on quick successes with coaches.

I think he will agree to lead Chelsea as long as Brighton allows him to negotiate with them

Yes, I totally agree with you, he built a great team

I will say Tuchel did a great job with Chelsea when he was called upon at a critical time I respect him for that, but Chelsea is a big club and we all know how Chelsea's board are if the team is losing matches, they don't care what the manager archived in the past they are all about the present. I wish Tuchel the best of luck.

I agree with you

It feels strange the dismissal of Tuchel, it feels rushed although it is true that Chelsea had many shortcomings, and that it is possible that the relationship with the locker room was broken, but Potter I do not think is the solution, nor Pochettino, nor Zidane, we will have to see what the new owners do.

It is impossible to keep a coach who lost the locker room with bad results and worse performance

Hi,retrieving a locker room is not so difficult. If the players clearly see the club management backing the coach,it is easier for them to behave. Trust me,players are not zombies,they know when a club heirarchy is not on exactly thesame page as the coach.

For one, the Ronaldo saga was there. Boehly wanted him,but Tuchel didn't and other things too.

Fact is, take a look at the speed of the new appointment, you would know this had been planned long again. I don't who this person is, but please see his post in Hive(THE POTTER'S ERA BEGINS..)

As for Zidane,he won't even work in a place with these kinds of interferences,if you know him well.

Anyways it's Potter time now, I wish him the best.


It's really going to be a tough decision for Chelsea in the next few days. I personally feel Potter is quite suitable compare to Pochettino at the moment;

But Brighton is doing very much better at the moment, would Potter prefer to leave such buildup this soon? I don't think so too.

I think it's only a matter of time when Graham Potter leads Chelsea

Let's wait and see.

The truth is, we're used to winning and wining is in our mentality, hence the sacking of Tuchel. I wish him well in his future endeavours.

We move!

His dismissal was expected after all these negative results
And Chelsea management will not risk wasting more points