The Week of Many Upsets (College Football Week 10)

         This past weekend in college football was upsets galore! It definitely made everything more interesting. It also gives me some more stuff to talk about as the season winds down.

         For the teams I'm rooting for, it was a boring weekend playing against opponents they should win. I'm glad they did. Now, let's move on to the more fun stuff.

You call this a Playoff contender?

         You know the media loves Alabama, but they don't look dominant to me at all. Never mind the fact they struggled against a sub .500 LSU. The worst part, the Crimson Tide put up a grand total of 6 rushing yards against the Tigers. That's right, you read it right, SIX! Aside from LSU sacking the quarterback 4 times, it makes you wonder what was going on. I can't see this team with a #2 ranking. Don't get me started on Ohio State and Oregon.

Plot twist

         As Spartans fans started to get excited about taking the Big Ten, Purdue ruined the party. This seemed almost too typical of Michigan State. They do very well up to a certain point and then they proceed to drop the ball. With this loss came new possibilities that would affect the Playoff selections. The possibility of a one-loss Ohio State winning the conference became ever closer.

Welp...I'm at loss for words

         I guess ACC is not going to have a representative in the Playoff this year. I kind of hoped Wake Forest would pull through and show how biased the committee is. This upset did not instill me with that confidence.

         I guess when your team got nothing to lose, you can pull off great upsets. TCU fell off the radar despite some of their more successful years in the Big 12. Can't say I have much to add here. I am actually looking forward to BYU playing these guys again in 2023.

SEC win-trading continues

         This is the only conference where you can rack up 3 losses and still find yourself ranked. Because you know, your conference is so "tough". To be fair, Texas A&M has been doing pretty well. I can see them winning the rest of the season and end up in a NY6 bowl.

         Even Kentucky has proved themselves to be no pushover as everyone first thought. Despite the loss, most people would agree it's a vast improvement than most years.


         Remember how I mentioned about fillers in rank #21-25? Yeah, I figured Minnesota was going to lose, to Illinois no less. You can't be that good when you lose to the team that lost to Rutgers. Yes, that includes Penn State.

Respect the Broncos

         I'm not a Boise State fan, but they've always been my favorite "underdog" in any fight. Put them up against anyone, there's a good chance they might win. Alas, a smaller and less lucrative market is what keeps these guys down.

         I, for one, cannot wait when they expand the Playoffs. I would love to see the Broncos go in there, wreck a team or two and lose in the semi-finals or championship. It will balance out the bias and provide heaps of entertainment.

         Anyways, college basketball also started, and there are plenty of scoops there. For now, I'll still focus on college football unless I find something interesting.


That Wake Forest North Carolina game was pretty awesome. I watched the end of it before the Michigan State game came on. It was pretty great.

The Michigan State game was to be expected. They had some great wins so far this season, but I don't think they were a #3 team. Purdue isn't a horrible team and they played better. I don't think this is a sign of things falling apart for MSU. I just think it is things falling to the equilibrium they should have been at to begin with.

It's a correction, not a crash!

I think MSU will do okay, but I kinda wanted some other team other than Ohio State to claim conference title. The loss kinda made that possibility a bit shaky.

I guess we shall see.

As much as I hate to say it, Michigan only has that one loss. They still might have a chance. I don't really care, I'd just be happy to see MSU in a nice holiday bowl game at this point.

Michigan State was going to have to beat Ohio State to get to the Big Ten Championship no matter what.

Purdue is a trap game for Ohio State before facing Michigan State and Michigan. Ohio State losing at any point knocks them out of the ESPN Playoff, I mean College Football Playoff. See what I did there?

I'm curious to see how Alabama handles a pair of hit-or-miss teams, Arkansas and Auburn, at the end of the season. Alabama's offense is inconsistent and the defense can be exploited. To beat Alabama, you need your Quarterback to be spot-on and turnovers have to be minimal. LSU lost to Alabama because Max Johnson was not mobile enough to handle the pass rush, Saban had to dig up his old game plans for when he faced Georgia back in the early 2000s and how he pressured David Greene.

Auburn can play defense well enough, but Bo Nix has to not play reckless. There is enough in the Auburn offense to give Alabama trouble, but it rides on Nix not making mistakes. If Auburn is up late, Tank Bigsby is good enough to seal the game or Nix can at least scramble his way to a first down.

We shall see. I really hope Auburn screws up Bama's chance of being in the Playoff, but I can settle with Georgia beating them in the SEC championship.

Ohio State did win the championship one year as a 4th seed (2014?)

I just don't like the setup because they are trying to place 2 SEC teams in the Playoff.

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