Disc Golf Season Kickstart Done

Like every spring and summer for the past several years, disc golf has been a hobby that I and many from my friend circle do. Today was the day when I started the season of disc golf.
I have actually done one game with my father already in early March but that was horrible. Snow was still on the ground, it was slippery and rainy. Definitely wasn't an enjoyable experience. Now the weather has gotten warmer and it's possible to really enjoy the game.


We went to a course in Muraste that is pretty close to where I live. many of the trails are on the open field and the wind didn't serve us well today. All things considered, I ended up with a score of +2, which is quite good for the first game and my skill level.



The game involves loads of physical activity so it's definitely good for your health too. My hand is not yet used to throwing discs so I can already feel that my ribs and hand muscles will probably be painful tomorrow.
Cheers to many games yet to come this season!



Golf was never an easy game but I still like it and it is still an interesting sports to me.

Regular golf, I have never played but it seems hard yeah. Disc golf however is a much cheaper sport to do also seems much more fun to me.

I have heard similar things. I never tried it either, but it fascinates me.

I like the sound of this sport. I’ve played regular golf over the years but it’s sort of lost its allure, I’ve just googled and they do play this here in the U.K.

Yea, nowadays disc golf courses are almost everywhere. You should try it out, I think you'll like it.

I'm so glad you shared this, I actually keep a set of 4 disc golf discs in my car: 2 drivers (in case I lose one), 1 fairway, and 1 putter. I picked up this sport playing in college in Austin, TX and I try to play as often as my friend group allows. Now in NYC though, it is a bit tougher to find free and available courses to play on.

Cool to know you play too! I dont know how many discs I have exactly. About 6 drivers, 4 mid ranges and 4 putters. Each of them having a different stats and purpose.

Yeah in NYC, it doesnt look like there is much room for disc golf courses.

Awesome! I have been promoting disc golf since 1996 and it has blown up sine Covid!
I enjoyed your post and disc golf pics!

Wow, that long. That's cool!

I now run a mobile shop and I create artwork on discs!
I love it! Have a great Monday! 👍

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