Ball on the table (Table tennis)

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Table tennis is a game played on a table, using a tennis ball, a bat and a net. It is an interesting game that is played in singles or doubles. In singles,one player plays on each side of the table whereas in doubles, two players plays on each side of the table. The bat (Racket) is what the players uses to hit the ball across the net to each other. The net here serves as an intermediate between the two players.


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At this very platform, I will analytically explain the following techniques:

1. The Grip: The Grip is the method the bat is held while playing. To grip, the left or right hand holds the neck of the racket making it possible to hit the ball coming from any angle.

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2.Service: This is putting the tennis ball in motion while playing. The server hits the tennis ball to first drop on his or her side of the table before going over the net to the receiver who is on the other side of the table.

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3. Forehand serving: This is when the player swings the bat forward and slightly upwards to hit the approaching ball with the front side of the bat, as seen below

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4. Backhand Serving: Backhand Serving is when the player swings the racket backward towards the opponent to hit the approaching ball with the back side of the bat.

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5. Scoring: In every game played, there must be a point. Scoring is when a receiver is not able to hit the ball to the server , and as such, the server makes a point while the receiver loses.

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