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RE: No Beer, Only Waves!

My bru! I've been eagerly looking forward to your update and glad to hear that the swell is pumping! That wave looks amazing... even here in South Africa a long, perfect left point like that (eg Elands Bay) would be quite crowded, so what a dream that it's just you and your friend!

It's sounding rather on the large side, so it looks like your friend is one the right board for the job. Could you not take turns with the camera, or is the wave too far out and you need a proper long lens?

Where did you find that massive screen so far off the beaten track in Indo? Surely you didn't bring it with you? LOL!

PS. Do you find Sports Talk Social the best place to post surfing content here on Ecency?


Yo Bru! Yeah lovin it here. Swell is pumping and line up is empty - secret spot ya! My buddy has a 6'9 which is great for the bigger days. Im sticking to my 6'0 twin fin - even today was double overhead I still pushed onto plenty of waves though the bigger bombs are a little tricky - paddle like hell and get right on the critical spot...:)

Our photographer buddy showed up yesterday - I'll post some pics in a couple of days!

Yes I brought the monitor - I need to dual screen. Its just a cheapy so if it gets damaged no worries. Im posting in Peakd not Ecency.

Peace and waves dude!