No Beer, Only Waves!

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I have not had a drink for 4 days. Im trying to last a week as a pact I made with my surfing bro - we both hit the booze way too hard for the 1st 3 nights at Cimaja and we decided to try this no drinking thing that I read about somewhere. Sounds dumb and have to be honest with you folks - it doesn't feel great. My buddy is drinking coffee and I'm drinking coca cola - surely those two alternatives are worse than beer! Im surfing awesome waves and pushing my comfort zone.

This is a pic from last time I was here - it's me three years ago and I have used it before so forgive me....

Sawarna Jobiker.jpg

The swell here is a solid 6 - 8 feet with the occasional bigger set rolling thru. Its a reef break with a good 3 - 400m paddle from the beach so entry and exit twice a day is already 1.5km of paddling. My arms ache and my lower back aches. I'm sunburned and am dehydrated most of the time. And I can't have a beer. Shit! Loving Life! Here's a couple of pics (not of me), but shows the wave very nicely. I don't have a guy taking pics on the beach yet but I think my buddy will be here in a few days with camera.



At the top of the reef there is another entry option where you can try your luck on a low tide.Basically you wait for a lull in the swell then gingerly rush across the exposed reef, dive into the sea and paddle like hell out of the break zone. Here's my bro giving a shot yesterday afternoon as a storm was building. I elected to stay on the beach and watch - I was too exhausted from the morning session.



We are staying a very cool little homestay called Widi's run by a beautiful local family. These homestay options are found all over Indonesia and for my money this is hands down the best way to travel around the country. The families that open their homes to visitors and provide wonderful home cooking are definitely deserving of the tourist dollar! We have stayed at this family's home on both of our last trips and more than happy to stay again this time round. the food is good and plenty of it and there is free-flow tea, coffee and water. I have set up a little work station in the room. How about that green paint!


And so life continues. I wake up and drink Indo coffee, eat fruit, surf for 2 - 3 hours. Then work in the nauseating green room and repeat in the afternoon. I'm eating like a king and burning calories like nobody's business. I'm surfing the most beautiful waves and there is nobody out except me and me bro. Its a dream!

I'm Jobiker and I didn't have a beer in four days! Peace!


Funny how a few days of boozing can make you go in the opposite direction. I give you a few more days and you will be back to normal. I do think the green paint must have been on special as why would anyone paint a room that color?

I think pink paint was on special too! Im ready for a cold beer soon I tell you!

Quite a nice life!! ,jobiker.
Few surfing shots do show how strongly you are passionate with the sport.Reading out quite a few posts earlier about surfing, some simple facts that came forth.

I think these experiences are wonderful.
What impresses me most is your self -made life and that you lead it "your style"..
Thats what is unique and lovely.


Thanks @asif7 Surfing is fun and keeps you fit that is true. Being able to work on a laptop is an added bonus that is for sure! I think during covid more people have realized they can work remotely!

You seem to be a man into sports. Great way to balance out your beer drinking. 4 days with none is pretty impressive. Wishing you awesome waves and icy cold beer when you're ready. You can keep the green wall though

Sports and beer - 2 of my fave pass times...:) Thanks for reading and I wish this green wall would change colour overnight.

My bru! I've been eagerly looking forward to your update and glad to hear that the swell is pumping! That wave looks amazing... even here in South Africa a long, perfect left point like that (eg Elands Bay) would be quite crowded, so what a dream that it's just you and your friend!

It's sounding rather on the large side, so it looks like your friend is one the right board for the job. Could you not take turns with the camera, or is the wave too far out and you need a proper long lens?

Where did you find that massive screen so far off the beaten track in Indo? Surely you didn't bring it with you? LOL!

PS. Do you find Sports Talk Social the best place to post surfing content here on Ecency?

Yo Bru! Yeah lovin it here. Swell is pumping and line up is empty - secret spot ya! My buddy has a 6'9 which is great for the bigger days. Im sticking to my 6'0 twin fin - even today was double overhead I still pushed onto plenty of waves though the bigger bombs are a little tricky - paddle like hell and get right on the critical spot...:)

Our photographer buddy showed up yesterday - I'll post some pics in a couple of days!

Yes I brought the monitor - I need to dual screen. Its just a cheapy so if it gets damaged no worries. Im posting in Peakd not Ecency.

Peace and waves dude!

The fact your burning calories is awesome. There are some days I like to binge eat and snack like crazy and I try to do them on leg workout days. I feel less guilty and its often a reward for me for smashing a hard session of deadlifts and squats

Leg days equals binge day! Like ur style wolfman! I never tried gyming. Luckily I get my exercise fix on a board or a bike or i's be a fatass for sure!

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Appreciated as always! Thanks so much for the support!

I'm Jobiker and I didn't have a beer in four days! Peace!

Ha ha, more power to your elbow!

Those photos look class man, and your digs in Indonesia sound amazing, as you can soak up the culture and put money into a local family's pocket which is really cool in my opinion.

Nice touch with the Irish paint-job on the room by the way... I'm honoured!

Yo there @ablaze ! Please tell me every room in your home is painted this terrifying green colour! Im havin a blast here and just got back from another heavy session!

Oh Fo shizzle.... We have the Artichoke green room, the Fern green room, the Mantis room, the forest green room, the mint green room, the sap green room, the tea green room, and not forgetting of course the green room!

3/4 days sauce free was good going man, I'd say the session that followed was next level shit with your buddies!

We cracked the first beers to day mate! we four in (big bintangs) Looks like may be a late surf tomorrow morning! Dude you dont have a lime green room???


Ha ha, no green rooms 🤣 I do like green t shirts mind you. Enjoy the surfing man 🏄‍♂️🍻