Fantasy Premier League: My Plans For Gameweek Two

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The English premier league started last week and with it came the fantasy premier league.

Now, as someone who has been playing the FPL for five years now, I will be lying if I don’t say that the main reason I consistently still watch football these days is because of it; especially since the team I support gives me no reason to watch football.

Anyways, even after playing FPL for these amount of years, mistakes are still going to be made especially in the first week and especially when choices are based on preseason games and past performances.


Before going into my plan for game week two, I’ll be touching some mistakes I feel I made for game week one and they are;

  1. Two Liverpool defender: the reason I went through this route was because I underestimated Fulham a lot and also because I had high hopes for Liverpool, but this ended with 1 point for both of my players which made mad and because I spent 14.5 million.

  2. Not having a Tottenham player: my initial plan involved getting Perisic but he was a doubt for the game and I didn’t really want anyone else; big mistake on my part.

  3. Underestimating Haaland: now even told I had him, he was my vice captain and him being my captain would made a great difference.

  4. Having a lot of silly players: to save money and because I didn’t really have anyone in mind that I wanted to buy, I got a lot of silly players like Neco Williams amongst other, I feel like I could have done better with my choices.



Looking at my current team, I am pretty okay with it for this game week and I feel like I could do way better especially if I switched captains from Mo to Haaland, but if I wanted to make a change, I’ll most likely bring in a Tottenham player, maybe Kulisevski and get rid of one of the Liverpool defenders.


For now though, I don’t think I’ll make a change but who knows, my plans might change before the game week.

Right now, I am currently in the top 10 in the @hivefpl and I hope to maintain this, so fingers crossed.



Overall, I think this is a great team setup. Having two defenders from the same team is an issue that I(Belemo) and Samstically talked about in the first episode of the Hive FPL show.

Oh yeah, supporting Manchester United these days must be awful. Don't visit the "banterfic" channel in the Hive FPL discord because the trolling is endless

It can either be a blessing or a curse but oh well hopefully it pays if I keep them.

I'll be visiting that channel asap, I don't think anyone can insult them like me

Please don't insult us 😭😭😭

I am one of y'all ni

That's comforting, at least I won't hurt alone.

😆 I'll join and curse at this point


Kulusevski plays Chelsea next, so not the ideal transfer for now. Also, Richarlison will be drafted into the Spurs team at some point. Kulu' will probably be the player to make way.

Your midfield won't do well on the long run, it's packed with unreliable dudes. I'm still wondering how I manage to convince myself to draft in a Wolves midfielder (Neto). Those guys only score one goal in three games.

Well I am not exactly scared of Chelsea, watching their game vs watching Tottenham, I'll choose the later.

Also in the long run, I'll switch up; I still have 1m ITB too.

Too many useless players and too many expensive ones, that’s the issue

Its actually too early to get worked up. Yet to check my team because I know the points gathered this GW will be terrible. My worrying starts after GW6.

As for Chelsea vs Spurs, it's always a tempestuous affair. The fact that it will be played at Stamford Bridge means Spurs attacking talents may blank. I have Kane in my team, but I'll consider a switch to Haaland since my Man City pick in attack, Mahrez, is not a guaranteed starter.

Well Chelsea is lacking in a lot so let's see how it goes and I might not make a change but then again there are price rises which is annoying

Price rises are very frustrating already. Though I'm yet to check, I'm 100% sure Haaland would've gained £0.1 by now.

My worry is what to do with Mahrez. If I'm getting in Haaland, Kane has to go. I ignored Spurs attack most of last season and it proved costly. I would've done Kulusevski to Mahrez but fixture and rotation threat scares me.

Price rise for Haaland and price fall for kane, I think inevitably you have to let go of Mahrez because he might be a sub on most days and you don’t want that chance.

I on the other hand will be bringing a Tottenham player soon, don’t know how I’ll do that though

Already ditched Kane for Haaland. That's a £0.2 loss. Kane plays at Stamford Bridge next, that's not an easy fixture. Will be letting go of Mahrez too and will replace him with Sterling. I think the dude will play a couple games as a striker this season for Chelsea.

I am not sure of sterling, never liked him in general and in my four seasons, I barely ever get in my team but there's a first time

Solid team. Haaland and Salah look like must picks although I’m concerned about the fitness of the former once we get to September and teams play twice a week. I think he might get rotated

They are a must have and with pep, I expected the worse hence the 1m in the bank, I bet if it gets bad I could bring someone else in, I am already eyeing some cheaper players.

Ah, babe. I need to come and take lessons from you o. I don't know what I was thinking not to have included Salah. Too bad. I won't make that mistake again. I only managed 50 points.

Salah is a must have, always, he always makes you pay when you don't have him

I've added him now, took out Bernado and reverted to a three man defence. Midfield and forward na the koko.