World Cup getting crazy


Finally, this second round has started producing some amazing games.
Yesterday to my outmost joy Croatia beat Canada 4:1 after a bad start. I didnt know how well we would approach this game and I was extremely happy with how it all turned out.
Canada are an extremely good side, athletic and fast. Last time Ive seen a player as fast as Davies was prime Bale and last years Vinicius Junior.
Unfortunately for Canada the rest of the team wasnt on his level. Its also worth mentioning that the English coach they have said, quote:

"They would fuck up Croatia."

The fact he was English, as in the past the English liked to demean us and pay dearly for it (2008 and 2018), and the fact he said what he said really motivated the players. Its the Balkan mentality. When you disrespect us is when we perform the best.
I think at this point we should pay English pundits to talk shit about Croatia. If they talk enough shit we might even win the World Cup. 😂


Before our game Belgium that was third in the world last World Cup played Morocco and lost 2:0. We are hoping such a bad performance against us in the last round of the group phase.
Kevin De Bruyne came out with a comment before the game saying that they have no chance to win the world cup and they were too old.
The Croatian team in 2018 was older than Belgium now and we went to the final. That really hurt their motivation as KDB is the team leader and one of the best midfielders in the world right now.
Last round decides who goes through and we need at least a draw with them to go through.


Other games were nuts as well. Cameroon vs Serbia ended 3:3 after Serbia was leading 3:1. Abu Bakar with a chip over the goalkeeper that you dont see often.
Serbia is a very strange team to watch as they always have talent and good players but almost religiously underperform every big tournament.
I dont know if its the team mentality or pressure getting to them but for some reason they never deliver. They have players in big clubs and as a team are physically stronger than most teams in this WC yet lack aggression. Something like Poland but with much more talent.
Ill never understand what Serbia problem is.
Vlahovic was benched against Cameroon, like wtf?

They still have a chance to go through if Brazil beats Switzerland. Last match would decide then.

Im starting to change my opinion of this world cup as the approach to games by almost all teams has changed. Much more happening, much more dynamic plays and after some sleepers its becoming worth our time.


The world cup this year is entertaining, you can't guess which team is going to outclass the other. I can't believe De Brunye was right about Belgium, and I am now convinced Canada deserves to win that match when both countries faced last week. We might still be in for a shock this week as the final group stage matches approach this week.

There will for sure be shocking results. A lot of open games and a lot of risk. That makes for best football.

How do you feel about VAR playing such a crucial role in things? I'm feeling as though it has improved play even though much more added time is happening as a result.

I like the speed of decision making when it comes to VAR. In local leagues it takes at least 10x time still.
VAR kind of killed the initial excitement of goal scoring but I think its good tradeoff for increased fairness.

Belgium's result was surprising and I didn't see them losing to Morocco. The African countries are showing determination and I hope to see them spring surprises in the worldcup

Id say african countries arent that big of a surprise. Full of athleticism and talent. They always seem to lack tactical prowess but that is slowly changing over time.

No one seems to be criticising KDB for what he said. As you said it demoralised the players. He should have waited for them to lose before talking crap about his team.

English pundits are bunch of jokers to me. They always seem to undermine a team which doesn’t come from England as they seem to forget about the problems they have and only talk about others.

Am glad Croatia showed their class even though I was not rooting for them to win😂. I was happy Davies got his goal but then I didn’t want to get knocked out so I was wishing they could do it.

Cameron and Serbia taught me a big lesson. At 2-1 I thought it was over and I left only to come back at 3-3. What’s a game😂

English pundits get attention and any help motivation wise helps. Criticism helps more often than praise.

I dont get Serbia honestly. They still have a chance to go through but with the talent they have I thought Cameroon would be much easier for them.
They seem to lack an undefined quality thats hard to pinpoint. If they figure it out I dont see why they couldnt be a dark horse of any tournament and a contender..

They seem to shy away from a what they can do in this tournament. Against Brazil I thought they were bright for most parts of the game and switched off when they needed to really step up their game.

It’s the same for Cameroon match. They switched after scoring their 3rd goal and even though the warning signs were there they didn’t take them seriously.

I just think the teams are not as strong as they were in the past and this World Cup is wide open.

I think we will have a much clearer picture in the knockout rounds. There has been a lot of caution in many of the games. As things open up we should see that change and see how it is that actually has what it takes.

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Ahah, nice picture of the Belgium team, they deserve it a little 🤣
Yeah, that's the craziest world cup of all times I think, we are going from surprise to surprises.
For me Switzerland will pass but we'll see.

Painful. As soon as he opened his mouth, I knew we (Canada) were going to get destroyed.  You are right, outside of Davies, our squad just isn't up to it…Hopefully it's a better showing next world cup.



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