Quadruple Dream Is Over.

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Manchester City's hope got dented when Chelsea won 1-0 against them in the semi-final of the FA Cup. City is still in the hunt for a final in the Carabao, semi-final of the UEFA Champions League and also leading the Premier League table with 6 games to go.

In the 5th minute, Chelsea thought they had taken the lead when Timo Werner brilliantly played Ziyech in with a clever pass in the box. He rolled the ball into the back of the net but he was flagged for offside.

Chilwell wasted a lovely chance in the 18th minute when he was found inside the box. Rather than control the ball well and find a better angle, he hit a tame shot that went off target much to the relief of City. It was a brilliant effort from Ziyech to find Chilwell.

Chelsea had the best chance of the first half and Reece should have gotten the lead with a lovely shot in the 34th minute. It was an audacious effort that only missed narrowly.

The first half ended 0-0 with few chances between the two sides but Chelsea took the game up a notch when another brilliant delivery into the box found Ziyech again. This time around, there was no offside call. The low drive and effort from Werner found Ziyech and he managed to bundle the ball into the empty net to give Chelsea the lead and the only goal of the encounter in the 56th minute.

Shortly after, Ziyech raced through on goal but he was unable to beat the goalkeeper as the goalkeeper saved with his legs. Chelsea had several chances to increase their lead but fluffed their lines. Werner also missed a sitter when he fired a tame shot when he raced through on goal. Another missed chance for Chelsea.

In the 84th minute, Gabriel Jesus also missed a chance to draw his team level. The ball was laid into the path of Sterling who fired his shot way over the bar inside the box.

The game ended 1-0 and Chelsea advance to the final of the FA Cup and City's dream of a Quadruple was ended. They are still in the hunt for a triplet but football is fast-changing and nothing is ever set in stone. Congratulations to Chelsea as this shows the positive effect Thomas Tuchel is having on the team. City would have to go back to the drawing board and try to end on the high even though they are still in a good place.

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