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RE: Is Jesus the messiah Arsenal have been looking for?

Excellent content @talesfromthecrypt, he really isn't all that as the Gooners paint him to be. Kane and Son have got excellent data, I think Kane's data would have even been better if he had a better start last season.

I really enjoyed reading your post but as always, I hope Spurs follow your lead and win something other than the Audi cup.

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Yeah Kane was negative 3.69 for last season based largely on his poor start. From April onwards he was essentially breaking even so hopefully he’ll carry that form on.

Son was plus 6!

Only KDB had a better expected goals vs actual goals in the EPL last year than Sonny.

All Arsenal’s forwards struggled last year. I guess you can interrupt that in different ways but it suggests that overall build up play is good. If you get a clinical finisher next season then they’ll be an improvement. Unfortunately there aren’t many around…

I wish Chelsea could have another prolific striker like Drogba or Diego Costa, it's been long we had that. I enjoy the fact that everyone on the team contributes goals but having one player that rarely disappoints like Kane and Agüero.

Yeah not for lack of trying when you consider some of the players they've had there in recent years! Just hasn't worked out be interesting to see how Sterling performs if he does make the move