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RE: The Week of Many Upsets (College Football Week 10)

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Michigan State was going to have to beat Ohio State to get to the Big Ten Championship no matter what.

Purdue is a trap game for Ohio State before facing Michigan State and Michigan. Ohio State losing at any point knocks them out of the ESPN Playoff, I mean College Football Playoff. See what I did there?

I'm curious to see how Alabama handles a pair of hit-or-miss teams, Arkansas and Auburn, at the end of the season. Alabama's offense is inconsistent and the defense can be exploited. To beat Alabama, you need your Quarterback to be spot-on and turnovers have to be minimal. LSU lost to Alabama because Max Johnson was not mobile enough to handle the pass rush, Saban had to dig up his old game plans for when he faced Georgia back in the early 2000s and how he pressured David Greene.

Auburn can play defense well enough, but Bo Nix has to not play reckless. There is enough in the Auburn offense to give Alabama trouble, but it rides on Nix not making mistakes. If Auburn is up late, Tank Bigsby is good enough to seal the game or Nix can at least scramble his way to a first down.


We shall see. I really hope Auburn screws up Bama's chance of being in the Playoff, but I can settle with Georgia beating them in the SEC championship.

Ohio State did win the championship one year as a 4th seed (2014?)

I just don't like the setup because they are trying to place 2 SEC teams in the Playoff.