Washington Football Team still working on a permanent name

I am one of the people that was quite upset about the fact that Washington got rid of the name of the Redskins. In my mind and basically everyone else's that I know that will always be the name of the team, regardless of what they change it to.

I am looking forward to fans of the team wearing ONLY old merchandise to games and also refusing to not do so. Given the hyper-wokeness of Washington DC it really wouldn't surprise me if they actually banned the wearing of the old jerseys to games or somehow turn it into a hate crime or something dumb like that.


In case you are unaware of what the hell I am talking about here I'll give you a quick recap. A bunch of "woke" mostly white people had been complaining for years that the name "Redskins" and the fact that their mascot was an American Indian (or Native American or whatever we are supposed to call them now) that this was offensive to Native American. There was just one problem with this notion though: Native Americans themselves were actually not offended by this and the number one answer that was provided by actual Native Americans when they thought about the Washington team being called the Redskins was "Pride." The number two response was "indifferent."


But we all know that this doesn't matter to the politically correct justice warriors out there because they just LOVE to get offended on other people's behalf. Whether or not the actual people in question are offended by it or not doesn't really seem to matter.

So I laughed when they changed the name to "Washington Football Team" and when I first saw it I thought it was a typo or that someone had hacked the NFL site but no, it's a real thing.

They still have no determined a permanent name and claim to be working with focus groups on what the new name should be. It is probably a bit frustrating to the top brass at the Football Team headquarters that when it is listed as an option in surveys the choice that most DC residents would like to see the name of the DC team be is overwhelmingly "Redskins."

So they just eliminated it as a choice to try to get a more desirable result. That's how surveys work these days i guess.

just look at all of those offended Native Americans at this protest!

There was also some chatter about having the permanent name be Washington Football Team but some ultra-sensitive blowhard overruled that stating that WFT was too similar to "WTF". I think that close resemblance basically sums up the decision to change the name in the first place.

There was also talk of changing it to Washington Football Club to avoid the "WTF" reference potential and someone who apparently knows very little about how the world works suggested that it would be a homage of sorts to soccer clubs all around the world.

If there is one thing I know about soccer / football clubs around the world, it is that they do not want to be associated with American Football in any way, shape, or form.

They should have never changed the name and I think that The Skins, who were already struggling as a franchise anyway especially after Covid shut everything down, is going to be the big loser in the end of all this. Boycotting things seem to be all the rage these days and I would be willing to bet that more and more people will stop watching the sport if the PC police continue in this fashion. I've never really liked the Skins anyway, so if that is their fate, so be it.


Rather pathetic and just can't believe the madness we are seeing happen all over. If you find it offensive then I personally feel you have racist thoughts as you find people who raise issues are the ones with the problem.

I think the people getting offended on others' behalf are a special breed of crazy that we are seeing right now. I also blame social media. The squeaky wheel gets the grease in these situations and celebrities who latch onto these causes are doing it purely for personal gain. They don't really care what a team is called - they just want the publicity.