What Does SPORTS Mean To You?

We're working on providing @hiveland.dapp with a description of the SPORTS token for their profile on SPORTS. Before writing it up I thought it'd be interesting to see what the community thought we should use as the descritption.

Let us know what you think of the SPORTS token and what you'd think the best description for someone new to our community would be. Leave your comment below between now and 6/10 and we'll make sure all quality comments are rewarded with some SPORTS upvotes!

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"Sports token" is the representation of the mutual love and passion that the community has for different sports. It is the embodiment of our dream to monetise our passion in a decentralised web 3 community.

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I like the feeling of this one! :)

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SPORTS - It is the token of sports practitioners in general. Created to support all these athletes around the world, focusing on the community and their needs.

What SPORTS plans to bring to Hive?

Real-world events linked to web3 content creation.
Attracting non-crypto creators to Web3.
Exciting content to bring non-crypto audience.
Focus on onboarding large existing communities.
DTF (Decentralized Token Fund) SPORTS DAO:
Decentralized voting system to allow the community to sponsor athletes, content creators,
influencers and real-world events. A symbol for you to win by doing sports in Hive!

Remember to always use the #sports and #sportstalk


That's my cooperation. We have experience with proposals in SkateHive. I'd really like to add up and see where we can get to with that. I'm a big sportstalk fan on Hive. I'd like to learn and get to know you more.

Hugs, I'll see you soon!

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I think it is great to have the sports token. It represents an asset for sports lovers, a recognition we make. About the description, it can be done in many ways but I feel the main focus should be intact; our overwhelming emotion for sports.

"If you are an enthusiast of sports, if sports connect you with your peers, if sports enlighten your days and bring joy in your life, if sports is all that you think about, be a part of us to write about sports and gain the SPORTS token. It not only represents your interest in sports but it associates you with other sports fanatics giving you an identity. Sports is not a game, it is life."

I like that tagline.

Sports is not a game, it is life.

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"Sports token represents a community of likeminded individuals who all share a passion for sports and are committed to propelling sports toward a web 3 evolution as we push the boundaries into blockchain technology"

For me, sport means displaying competition and determining the best in a peaceful environment, with a competitive spirit and audience support.

That's a pretty good description for sports in general. I wonder how we could apply that to the SPORTS token.

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Hehe, I just defined the sport as I thought it would have a parallel meaning. But I can actually get path in the token in the same definition. The token already has the ability to appeal to sports fans and bring them together! The crypto form of passion and fondness for sports!

Sports token is the reward for hard work, a proof of brain that shows the desire and passion of every member in the community that embraces every kind of sport, carefully built on web 3.

How I can get my sports Badge?

Send 1,000,000 SPORTS to @badge-000001

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What;s the usefulness of the badge?

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It's a feature that @peakd rolled out a while ago. It lets you have a little badge on your profile signifying that you are a part of the group. It also lets you look at a feed of users from just that grouping.

After I verify and add the badge I'll then forward the SPORTS on to @null. I figure it's a nice way to add value and get some tokens burnt from the ecosystem.