How to repair a broken fan

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One of the most important tools in my work today has crashed so it doesn't work at all.

And it's only natural that the fan where I work is broken, the dust sticks up to meet the nets and most likely the dust also gets into the dynamo.

Step by step I did to find the source of the damage in this fan section.

how to fix a broken fan Get started knowing if there is a simple fix to get the fan to work again. Or actually have to replace one particular part.
Here are some ways to fix a broken fan:





** Check the whole cable

Sounds easy enough, but your first step should be to make sure all the parts are installed properly and neatly,

There are no rips in the cable or other external shorts. Because over time, the vibrations generated from the fan engine can loosen the plug from the wall outlet.

If the plug keeps coming off, you may want to change the outlet to make it snug and tight.

If you hear a buzzing sound but the fan doesn't work, that's a sign that the fan has been exposed to electricity.





** Check Circuit Breaker

If all cables are plugged in correctly but nothing happens when the fan is on, check if there is electricity in the outlet.

To check the outlet section, open the breaker panel and see if the circuit breaker is properly connected.

If the fan is very old, it usually requires more electricity and will cause a circuit break.





** Check Fan Fuse

You check the outdoor conditions in which the fan is running.

Now proceeding to check the fuse.

Some large industrial powered fans, usually equipped with thermal fuses for safety.

Like the circuitry in the home, these fuses are designed to break electrical connections.

When the electricity is too much and causes the fan to overheat.

When the fuse melts, the connection is broken and the power supply to the fan is cut off.

Check the wiring and the inside of the fan for this fuse.

If you're not sure if you have one or where to find one, check your manual or how to go online looking for the fan's brand serial number.

If the fuse is blown, you'll need to buy a replacement fuse to get the fan working again.

** Replace Inner Cable

If the fan still doesn't work after checking the other outlet and the fuse, now check the wires inside carefully.

Is it worn or eaten by insects, or the branch is bent or too loose.

If you suspect a problem with the cord, it can be replaced fairly easily.

Purchase a matching cord with the same type of plug and the same gauge wire.

Bring a fan for help finding a suitable cable.

It would be helpful to take photos of how to wire up the previous tool.

So you can see it again when you want to install a new cable.



** Clean the Fan regularly.

Sometimes the fan blades can get stuck if they get caught in the dirt that has accumulated on the fan.

Use an air compressor or a vacuum cleaner to carefully remove excess dirt from all parts of the fan.

Or disassemble just to wipe.

After cleaning the outside of the dust, remove the metal or plastic cover of the fan blades and remove the dust from the blades.

Pay special attention to where the blade connects to the rear bearing and engine.

** Lubricate the Fan Engine

If you turn on the fan and the fan motor keeps beeping even though the fan blades don't move, the cause may be a stuck gear.

After you have cleaned the fan as described previously, try opening the motor cover.

So you can see the electric motor spare parts.

Lubricate the gears and clutch knob (the center where the blade attaches and rotates).

To do this, remove the center cover of the fan (which usually has the fan logo on it) and point the grease nozzle inward.

Turn the blades by hand as you would to spread the lubricant evenly.

Maybe this is all it takes to move and stop rubbing against each other.

So the fan can move again.

Those are some easy steps with simple problems too.

How to repair a broken or dead fan due to minor damage.


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Hello, welcome to Hive Motors. It strikes me that that fan is battery powered, plus it looks pretty damaged, hopefully it can work, although would have liked to see it in this post working again.

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